Sunday, October 9, 2011

::kaiya turns two::

Little Miss Kaiya turned TWO on September 14! I know, it was almost a month ago. We didn't have a big party, just some cupcakes with the family and a little celebration later in the week at potluck. She scored with the presents and got an art table, a tricycle and helmet, a bunch of clothes, and a ton of books. And a whole assortment of Hello Kitty loot! I'm not sure she totally understood the whole birthday ordeal, but she sure enjoyed the Happy Birthday song and present opening! And when you ask her how old she is she says three. For some reason, she can't grasp the concept of the number two. Even when she counts, she says one...three...five...haha.

I started an email address for she will not be sending out emails any time soon...but I will be the one emailing her about the happenings of her life and the important events in the world. So when she's old enough, she can read through them and watch videos and see pictures. If you would like to join me and write something to kaiya that she will see in 15-20 years, let me know and i will give you the address. I'm sure she will be thrilled when she comes across your e-mail in the future. Fun idea huh?
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