Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Grandma Barbara and Papa Harry busted out the "cage" as Kaytin likes to call it.  No, not a real cage...a playpen (or whatever they call those things).  Surprisingly, she liked it and played for a while in it!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

.happy father's day.

Kaiya wanted to wish all the daddy's "Happy Father's Day".  Along with some cards, Kaiya and mommy gave daddy this:
Mommy took several pictures of Kaiya holding a D and an A, chose the best ones, and put them into a nice frame.  Although this one is a collage style, the one daddy got were three individual pictures into a 3-slot frame.  We plan on doing this for daddy every year until Kaiya cooperates...or mommy forces her to.  Can you see her at 18 years old..."seriously mom, isn't this a little old already?"  Hahahahah...I love being the mom and in charge!

Happy Daddy's Day!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

.pre-daddy's day.

Of course, daddy had to work on Father's Day, so we all spent the day together on his day off, which was Saturday.  Macy's had a morning special on a pair of earrings mommy wanted, so after daddy came back from fishing, we headed off to Kukui Grove.  Little did we know it was a huge one-day sale at Macy's, not to mention there was live music in front of Deja Vu, and a Father's Day Classic Carshow in the parking lot.

Mommy and daddy didn't have a chance to eat breakfast, so we stopped by McDonald's and waited for all the other stores to open (Macy's opened early).  On the way to McDonald's, the art gallery was showing Bonsai plants so we stopped in to see them.  They were beautiful...and one of the trees was over 100 years old!  Here's a few of them...

Below is the 100 year + tree...and Kaiya posing with it...sorry it got cut off

And lucky us...there was a classic car show going on in the parking lot.  We LOVE old cars like these...Grandpa Dave has an awesome '76 (or somewhere around there) convertible Mustang back in Los Alamos.
And this is a Radio Flyer someone re-did (I'm sure there's a better word for it but this is all I can come up with right now.)  :)

Later that night we went to potluck at Great-Grandma Lina and Great-Grandpa Leandro's to celebrate Father's Day.  It's always fun and everyone is loving that Kaiya actually smiles back at them now.  Took her long enough...however, if she's tired she reverts back to her "staring contest" self.  

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

.9 month check-up.

Kaiya went in for her 9 month well baby check-up the day after she turned 9 months.  We love Dr. Carolan, as I've probably mentioned before.  Here are her stats:

Weight: 18 lbs. 12 oz.
Head: 17 inches
Length: 24.5"

I seriously think I wrote down her length wrong, though, because at her 6 month appointment, she measured 24" and she's definitely grown more than 1/2".  So I'll have to confirm and update that at her next appointment.  Which, by the way, her next appointment won't be until after she turns ONE!!!  Seriously?  Is it that close already?  She's growing up too fast...

Anyway, along with the regular check-up, she received a Hepatitis B booster and had a blood test done.  They did the blood test first to test her iron levels.  They do a little toe prick, and collect the blood similar to how they do it when you have a cholesterol check, they suck up the blood with a little tiny tube.  Well, of course Kaiya didn't like that...especially cause her feet are super sensitive.  Well, Nurse Flo collected what she needed and put a band-aid on it, eventhough the band-aid was too big and almost falling off.  She then went ahead and did the Hep B booster, which Kaiya had no problem with.  Dr. Carolan told us her iron levels were normal and we were on our way.

Daddy and Kaiya had to drop mommy off at work, and on the way there daddy looked in the mirror and said Kaiya had something in her mouth.  So mommy crawled back there to take whatever it was out, and of course it was her band-aid!!!  And it wasn't bloody GROSS!!!!  She was chewing away on it like it was baby gum.  Barf.  But pretty funny at the same time.

So that's the story of Kaiya's 9 month well baby check-up.  Here she is watching Aunty Flo collect her blood sample...can you see her rolls starting to fade away.  So sad.

Monday, June 14, 2010

.nine months old.

Happy 9 Months Kaiya Girl!!!!

Kaiya has officially been out of my belly longer than she was in my belly.  I do miss those days where she was inside my belly, kicking and squirming at midnight.  Eric and I were just looking at her newborn pictures, too, and her little legs and arms were soooo skinny.  Look at the little chubster now!

We take Kaiya in for her 9 month well baby check-up at Dr. Carolan's tomorrow.  So we'll get a chance to see how much she weighs (I think she weighs around 20 lbs.) and how much she's grown.  It also means she'll probably get a shot or two, poor baby.

At 9 months, here's some things Kaiya can do:

  • Crawl, with her belly off of the floor
  • Stand while holding on to something
  • Feed herself snacks
  • Starting to use her pincer grasp
  • Plays peek-a-boo..and we think she says 'boo' randomly
  • Jabbers and says mama
  • Waves bye (sometimes)
  • Barks (yeah, she growls AND barks...LOL!)
  • Eats 5x a day (more, if you add snacks)
  • LOVES bananas (not mashed up like baby food, but straight from the peel)
  • LOVES the beach, the pool, and the bath
Anyway, I'll try and update tomorrow on how her well baby check-up goes.  And here she is (don't mind the sour faces, she just woke up from a nap after swimming in the pool)...can you tell she's getting a little tan?  :) more pictures mom...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

.hurricane kaiya.

I've probably mentioned before how Kaiya likes to crawl over to her little basket of toys and dump them all out.  She loves to do this, so mommy and daddy are continuously restocking her basket so she can dump it out over and over and over again.  Oh the little things that make her happy!  And she'll play with ALL of the toys, too.  When you look at the picture, you'll see how many toys are in the little basket.

We also have a little diaper caddy, and another one of her joys is pulling out the diapers one by one and making a little trail of diapers.  Only to have mommy or daddy put the diapers back so she can do it again in a few hours or so.

I decided to bust out the camera so you could all see the destruction that is Hurricane Kaiya.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


First I have to apologize, again and in advance, for not keeping Lil Miss Kaiya's blog up-to-date....and it might continue this way.  But being back at work, even if it's only half a day, I don't get a chance to take as many pictures of Kaiya.  I'll work on it, though.

Anyway, a little over a month ago, Eric and I planted a bunch of herbs and fruit/vegetables.  They're doing great...and Kaiya and mommy water them (almost) everyday.  Aunty Sally (Great-Gma Lina's sister) said there was an old wive's tale about a certain action (which I forgot, but Kaiya does do) means that the baby will have a green thumb.  Maybe that's why our garden is growing so well.  :)

Here's some pics of what we's just the beginning and hopefully by the end of summer we'll be able to harvest some fruit/veggies.  The herbs are ready to go already.

...bell peppers...
...basil, which we planted over a year ago, thought was dead for about a year, was too lazy to replant, then all of a sudden came back to life after a big week of rain...
...tomatoes, which we need to cage up... onion, dill, thyme and chinese parsley (cilantro)...
...kaiya helping mommy water the garden...
...foxxy barking at us like she usually does...
...yasu saying "cheese"...
...yasu's UH jibbitz (is that what they're called?)...
...kaiya enjoying the outdoors and her stroller...

Friday, June 4, 2010

.do you shop online...

So this has nothing to do with Kaiya...

but mommy does a lot of shopping online since there is a very limited selection of things here on Kauai.  She found this website, Ebates, that gives you a percentage of cash back on things that you purchase online.  It's very minimal, 5% here, 1% there.  But, she has already received a check for almost $30..and that's for purchases that she was going to buy anyways.  So I just thought I'd share with everyone a referral link to Ebates: click here.  And if you join now, which is FREE, you get a bonus gift card or points, or even $5 credit!  Sign up and pass the savings along to others that shop online!  I know I sound like a salesman...and I like receiving cash back for purchases...but in all reality, if I get 50 people to sign-up through my referral link (and actually use Ebates for a purchase) I get an iPad, so I thought I'd post it here for all 3 of you that read this.  hahahah!!!  Help a sista out.  :)

.mommy went back to work.

This week, mommy went back to work!  She's working part-time at a temporary position at KIUC, where she worked after she graduated from Oregon State.  She's helping them get caught up with numerous projects, and today they expressed interest in incorporating some Wellness Programs for employees, which makes mommy very happy!  Although she doesn't get to spend much time with daddy now, and misses Kaiya at work, she enjoyed being part of the working class again.  Daddy watches Kaiya until lunch time, then Aunty Dawn takes over for an hour or so...mommy only works until 1 so she has the rest of the afternoon to hang out with Kaiya.

On a completely different note, tonight, we all (minus daddy since he was working) went to Brick Oven Pizza to celebrate Kaytin graduating from Pre-School!  For those that haven't had Brick Oven time you're on Kauai you should probably check it out (warning:  pizza's are a bit overpriced!)  Anyway, Kaiya got to eat cheerios while the rest of us munched away on Super Pizza.  But she sat happily in her high chair like a big girl...and made a LOT of noises and fake laughs.
After dinner, we all headed over to the new Kukuiula Shopping Center and enjoyed some Lappert's Ice Cream!  Kaiya even got to try a little tiny bite of Papa Harry's chocolate...and Aunty Dawn gave her some of her Macadamia Ice Cream as a bribe for favorite aunty.  haha.  It was a nice night out with the family...if only daddy wasn't working.  I guess that's the life of a chef, huh?
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