Wednesday, April 20, 2011

.chalkboard pages.

A few posts back, I mentioned how I found this amazing tutorial on Attempting Aloha on how to make your own chalkboard paint in ANY COLOR!  Luckily, I found the secret ingredient  (dry non-sanded grout) at Ace (and it was under $5!) and mixed up a batch of an aqua/teal-ish shade. I used the majority of the paint to cover a broken table so the kids could do chalk art whenever they wanted, rain or shine, day or night...however, I still need to apply a final coat, so I'll post about that when it's finished.

I had just a little left (obviously not enough for a final table coat), so I thought it would be a great medium to add to my forever-work-in-progress art journal! I don't find much time to work on the art journal...but I LOVE how it looks thanks to a Composition Book Art Journal Tutorial from Lil Blue Boo.  Her journals are 5000x more creative, my pages are seriously lacking some creative content.  But...with the addition of the chalkboard paint, it adds yet another dimension...that can be worked, erased, and re-worked...over and over again! Who needs a fancy schmancy journal when you can make one like this out of a cheap-o $.99 composition book! It's a lot of work to prepare the journal, but so worth it! I will definitely be making other colors of chalkboard paint and adding them to random pages in the journal.

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