Wednesday, July 14, 2010

.ten months old.

Isn't she cute?  Her little leg is up because the grass was poking her!  
Kaiya turned 10 months old on July 14!  She continues to amaze us every day.  She can now say a handful of words (mama, dada, papa, no, hala, uh oh, pau, boo...she may not know what all of the words really mean, but she sure says them at the right time sometimes!).  She also can give a surprised face, clap, give  high five and smooth, pull herself up onto things and cruise/walk, stand on her own for a few seconds, climb and get into things she's not supposed to, and eat all kinds of foods (she loves rice, cheerios, goldfish, nutri grain bars, mum mums, snacks in general...and has tried adobo, ice cream, frozen yogurt, chocolate...and of course she loves it all).

I don't know if I've mentioned it before or not, but Kaiya's front two top teeth came in a few weeks ago.  I think they're still making their way down, but when she smiles you can just start to see them.  So she has four teeth total, and I think the next two are coming in on the bottom.  But...that could take weeks...let's hope not cause she's been fussy at night.  We're not sure if it's because her teeth or if she's once again gassy.  I swear, she burps and farts like it's the thing to do!

Those are flea bites on her face.  :(
Oh, and one of the things she's been doing most recently is something we've been trying to teach her for months.  How to say sign language.  (Or maybe it's not sign language, but it's how Kaytin used to say please.)  I don't even know how to describe it.  But she does it!  Yay Kaiya!

Anyway, here are a few more photos from her 10 month photo shoot.  Enjoy!

starting with the upper left, clockwise:  standing with help from aunty dawn, clapping, surprised face with her favorite toy - the remote control, clapping more, reaching for the camera, waving hi
standing unassisted

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

.look who's turning 10 months on july 14.

So everywhere else in the world it's already July 14, but here in Hawaii it's still the 13th. preparation for Kaiya's 10 month birthday pictures, check out this bad boy.  Mommy finally figured out how to make collages so you don't have to scroll through millions of pictures!!  Woo hoo!

TEN months?!?  Ahhhh...that's only 2 months until Little Miss Kaiya turns ONE!!!

Check back to see Kaiya's 10 month photo shoot!  (p.s. Sorry some of the pics are blurry!  And, do you like Kaiya's vintage-y new background?!)

vote for kaiya!! is having a photo contest on funny faces.  And...since we had a lot of funny face Tuesday photos (which, I'm sorry has not been brought back into effect)...we decided to enter a picture of Kaiya.  Of course, she's nowhere near #1, and I don't expect her to win...but if anything, click on the link and the picture will surely bring a smile to your face.


Monday, July 5, 2010

.kaiya talks.

Lately, Kaiya has been repeating words back to us!!  It's pretty exciting.  She's been saying "mama" and "dada" for a while now...and of course, once the camera is on her she goes silent.  But this morning I caught her on camera saying her new words..."hi" and "bye" (sometimes she waves at the same time) and "uh-oh".  It may not sound like she's saying the words, but I promise you...she is.  She's also been saying "papa" but we haven't caught that on camera yet.  Out of all the words...we thinks she loves "uh oh" the best.  Oh, and she also says "boo" in peek-a-boo.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

.3rd of july.

Daddy's regular days off have been Friday and Saturday, which is good because then mommy and daddy can spend a full day together.  This past weekend was 4th of July weekend.  We knew that Aunty Dawn and Uncle Wes were going to take Kaytin and Yasu to Kekaha beach where the Taba's and Burkman's were camping out.  So we planned to venture on down there, especially since Kaiya loves the beach.  Although it's pretty rough over there, we came prepared and brought along a Rubbermaid container that we borrowed from Aunty Ruthie.  Kaytin calls them the 'fairy ponds' because Aunty Ruthie mentioned to her that the fairies come at night and take a bath in them.  Hahahah!!!

We got there a little after lunch.  It was sunny off and on, with a little sprinkle here and there.  But overall, it was a fantastic day to spend the 3rd of July.  Daddy even got to fish a little.  And Kaiya even let Aunty Shannon put her to sleep.  And when she woke up, she had a banana snack, some rice, apple sauce, and who knows what else.  This girl can EAT!  Apparently, next time we're going to camp.  I think it sounds fun...I haven't camped since college...and even then, we slept in the car.  And when we used to go 'camping' in high school, we never set up tents we just slept on the beach.  The Taba's go all I think I can handle it.

And I apologize, this is going to be long because there's lots of photos.  I need to learn how to make collages...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

.kaiya loves her goldfish.

Since Kaiya has been practicing her pincer grasp, we've been giving her baby stars and cheerios.  She LOVED those, and I had bought a big ole container of Goldfish from Costco, so we decided we would try giving her a new snack.  Of course, like all other food...she LOVED the goldfish.

Her hair continues to grow, so it's at a point where sometimes it's in her eyes.  And her face...therefore food gets all up in it.  So while letting her feed herself goldfish one day, I decided to put her hair up in to a little ponytail....resulting in ponytail hair when I took it out before her bath.

.hanging out with the cousins.

Kaiya loves to play with her cousins, Kaytin and Caleb.  And I think they love playing with her.  We're so lucky that they have the chance to grow up together, and in Hawaii!  :)  Here they all are playing, making silly faces, and going on adventures outside.

Yasu is blurry because he was jumping up and down...


Bouncing like Tigger...

Riding Kaytin's exercise bike...

Kaytin being silly...Kaiya in Yasu's stroller...and can you find Yasu?

Bye Bye.
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