Wednesday, July 14, 2010

.ten months old.

Isn't she cute?  Her little leg is up because the grass was poking her!  
Kaiya turned 10 months old on July 14!  She continues to amaze us every day.  She can now say a handful of words (mama, dada, papa, no, hala, uh oh, pau, boo...she may not know what all of the words really mean, but she sure says them at the right time sometimes!).  She also can give a surprised face, clap, give  high five and smooth, pull herself up onto things and cruise/walk, stand on her own for a few seconds, climb and get into things she's not supposed to, and eat all kinds of foods (she loves rice, cheerios, goldfish, nutri grain bars, mum mums, snacks in general...and has tried adobo, ice cream, frozen yogurt, chocolate...and of course she loves it all).

I don't know if I've mentioned it before or not, but Kaiya's front two top teeth came in a few weeks ago.  I think they're still making their way down, but when she smiles you can just start to see them.  So she has four teeth total, and I think the next two are coming in on the bottom.  But...that could take weeks...let's hope not cause she's been fussy at night.  We're not sure if it's because her teeth or if she's once again gassy.  I swear, she burps and farts like it's the thing to do!

Those are flea bites on her face.  :(
Oh, and one of the things she's been doing most recently is something we've been trying to teach her for months.  How to say sign language.  (Or maybe it's not sign language, but it's how Kaytin used to say please.)  I don't even know how to describe it.  But she does it!  Yay Kaiya!

Anyway, here are a few more photos from her 10 month photo shoot.  Enjoy!

starting with the upper left, clockwise:  standing with help from aunty dawn, clapping, surprised face with her favorite toy - the remote control, clapping more, reaching for the camera, waving hi
standing unassisted

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