Friday, April 30, 2010

.let's play catch up.

Ok, since I'm WAAAAYYY behind on the blog, I decided I would write one that would do a catch-up for the last half of April.  

January 2, 2010:  So this picture is a few months old...but it was Kaiya's first time at a wedding.  We went to Aunty Denise and Uncle Enoka Karratti's wedding back on January 2nd at Kilohana.  It was beautiful and mommy got a chance to catch up with a lot of OSU friends since her and Aunty Denise both went there after high school.  We had a great time, ate good food and are so happy for the Karratti's.  Hopefully they'll hurry up and give Kaiya a little playmate soon.  :)

April 20, 2010: Kaiya's legs continue to get stronger every day.  She's now able to stand while holding onto things, but she doesn't actually pull herself up yet.  But she's all about making her legs straight whenever she gets the chance!
She also LOVES to look at the cute baby in the mirror.  I read that babies don't recognize that it's their reflection in mirrors until they're about 2 or so...but Kaiya gets really excited whenever she we put her in front of a mirror.  She must be thinking...that baby is sooooo cute.  hahaha!  So whenever mommy is getting ready and doing her makeup or hair, all she has to do is put Kaiya in front of the mirror and she'll just sit there and play and be entertained the entire time.  So awesome!

April 23, 2010:  It's been over four months since we first pierced Kaiya's ears and daddy has been itching to change them.  So he put in her birthstone earrings that she got from Kaytin and Caleb for Christmas.  I believe they're sapphires.  I love her earrings and I'm so glad that we pierced them...I just hope that they don't end up being crooked as she continues to grow.  

We went to the place where we pierced her ears to see what other kinds of earrings there were for future reference...we looked at the piercing earrings since they have a backing that covers the entire end of the post so it doesn't poke Kaiya when she's sleeping.  On the way out, we spotted some mini jade bracelets, so Kaiya walked out with a little one and she looked so cute in also hides her wrist fold.  :)

Here she is crawling all over the place...she crawls with her belly off of the ground now!

April 24, 2010:  KIUC, where Grandma Barbara works, was participating in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life.  It's a charity walk where people walk throughout the night, and there's a special luminaria lighting to remember those affected with cancer.  It's really touching because the first lap is done by all of the survivors and those currently fighting cancer.  The second lap, the caregivers join in.  Mommy tears up every time!  Daddy was off, too, so we went as a family...joining Grandma Barbara and Papa Harry, and Aunty Dawn, Uncle Wes, Kaytin and Caleb.  Kaiya kicked it in her BOB stroller and we all did a few laps and checked out the other booths.  KIUC provided dinner also.  It was such a fun night and I can't wait until Kaiya gets older so we can teach her the importance of these types of events!  

April 26, 2010:  Mommy and daddy have been taking Kaiya, Foxxy and Lennox out on walks a few mornings out of the week.  It's good exercise, nice to be outside, and all of us enjoy walking together.  Sometimes, Aunty Dawn, Caleb and Koge join us too.  It's been kind of rainy lately, so whenever it's nice we take advantage of it.  It still hasn't seem to calmed down the dogs, though, like The Dog Whisperer says it should.  (Maybe it's because it's not a set schedule, though).  However, they are better walking on the leash than they were when we lived in Vegas.  The route we walk has a bunch of barking dogs, sometimes it affects them sometimes it doesn't.  But they never want to charge them or anyone that crosses our path.  Whew!!!  Daddy walks Foxxy, since she's so heavy and strong, and Lennox walks alongside Kaiya while mommy pushes her in the stroller.  

Anyway, one morning after our walk, mommy, daddy and Aunty Dawn sat down in the kitchen to eat some breakfast.  And we noticed that Kaiya was a little sleepy.  She usually naps during the walk, but for some reason this time she didn't.  The next thing we knew, we looked over at her in her highchair and she was fast asleep.  Luckily, the highchair seat has a recline so we let her nap in there for a few minutes while we all finished up our post-walk snacks.  
So that sums up pretty much the end of April.  I've been slacking on taking pictures of outings and what not.  But now that I'm catching up on posts I'll be sure to take more photos and post regularly again.  We hope everyone who reads this is doing well and enjoying the blog!

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