Sunday, April 4, 2010

.kaiya's 1st easter.

Easter in New Mexico with daddy's side of the family was so much fun.  We started out the day going to church, where Kaiya slept about halfway through.  After church, mommy and daddy took Kaiya to visit Uncle Dennis at his place, where she also got a chance to meet his super cute dog Jack.  Then we all headed back to Grandma Barb's where everyone was preparing Easter dinner.  
When we got back, we gave Kaiya her Easter baskets...a Hello Kitty one from mommy and daddy and a cute purple bunny one from Grandma Barb.  Grandpa Dave had a huge floppy Easter Bunny and huge chocolate bunny that he gave Kaiya, too.  Kaiya was really excited to see all the goodies she got in her Easter baskets and couldn't wait to get her hands on them!  But before she could dive into her goodies, she had to take a couple pictures, and Great-Grandpa John was there to help put some smiles on her face.

She was especially interested in these teething biscuits!
And she LOVED them!

Aunt Martha had to leave a little early to head back to Albuquerque so we all ate dinner a little early, which was fine with all of us because it was DELICIOUS....especially the big bowl of German Potato Salad!!  Mommy's mouth is watering just thinking about it, she should probably ask Grandma Barb for the recipe.  As dinner was being prepared, Aunt Anne, Lindsey, Katie, daddy and Dennis showed Kaiya how to play Greedy Greedy.
And while everyone was eating dinner, guess what Little Miss Kaiya snacked on...
Those teething biscuits are pretty messy, but whatever makes her happy.  She has been drooling a LOT again, so we think her two top teeth are coming in!  

And before Aunt Martha left, we all sat down to take a few family photos.

And before calling it a night, Kaiya played with Maggie and snuggled up with Katie.

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