Saturday, April 17, 2010


The Taba's and a few other friends rented out Camp Sloggett in Kokee for the weekend.  Although daddy had to work, we all went up for a couple of hours to visit them.  It was daddy and Kaiya's first time to Kokee.  Boy was it cold.  But, not as cold as New Mexico.  It took us a while to find the campsite, which consists of a bunkhouse, a couple single cabins, a kitchen, and a outdoor eating area.  There's also a firepit and a huge yard.  Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures at the cabin, but I took some of the view on the way back down.  And one of the little girl passed out in her carseat.
Can you see Niihau in the distance?

So on the way back home, we stopped by the original JoJo's so that mommy could have some shave ice.  Yummmm!  The last time she had JoJo's shave ice was when we found out that Kaiya was going to be a girl.  So over a year ago!  Eventhough it was a little cold outside, it was delicioso!!!
We also stopped by this place in Hanapepe that advertises fresh eggs and produce, along with tacos.  We've been wanting to try it for a while and see what kind of produce there was.  The tacos were ehhhh.  Nothing that makes us want to go running back and get more.  And although it wasn't that big of a selection, there were some good fresh veggies and herbs available.  And mommy found out there was something called a Cream Apple.  It was soft and that I think about it we should have bought it so I could have tried it.  But I did take a picture of it.

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