Thursday, April 1, 2010

.kaiya's 1st trip to new mexico.

Kaiya took her first trip to the mainland to visit family and friends in New Mexico.  Mommy and daddy were worried about the 5+ hour flight from HNL to LAS, then another 1.5 hour flight from LAS to ABQ, but Little Miss Kaiya did fantastic on the plane rides.  She slept the whole way from HNL to LAS, we took the red-eye which left HNL at 11pm and we arrived in LAS around 730am.  We then had to get our luggage, catch a shuttle to Terminal 1, and check-in at Southwest.  We then made the voyage to our gate, after doing the curbside check-in, which the gate happened to be about 2 miles from the security check point.  OK, maybe not 2 miles, but it was the last gate furthest from the check-point.  We made a quick stop to get a tea latte for mommy and iced coffee for daddy, and a healthy breakfast consisting of 2 slices of pizza.  :)  Before we knew it they were calling our numbers to board!  Kaiya slept in the Ergo carrier with mommy for a little bit, but mostly spent the 1.5 hour flight playing and talking (loudly!) with daddy.  At least she wasn't crying.  Now lets all pray that she does this good on the flights back!!!  

Here we are, at the Honolulu Airport waiting to board the plane to Las Vegas.

When we arrived in New Mexico, Grandma Barb picked us all up and we headed over to a mall in Albuquerque.  Daddy put together the BOB stroller that we brought along, we ate some lunch, walked around, and it was time for mommy to feed Kaiya.  As daddy was trying to put the stroller away, he couldn't fold it back up.  UGH!  So either Hawaiian Airlines or Southwest Airlines clumsily threw the stroller bag around, stacked up all the other luggage on the bag, or who knows what...and damaged Kaiya papaya's nice new stroller from Papa Harry and Grandma Barbara!  We were sooooo mad!!!  We couldn't even fold it back up to fit into the van!  So we had to rearrange the luggage and put the stroller in half folded.  After calling around and trying to see what could be done, mommy sent an e-mail to Southwest, which she has yet to hear back from.  She was told to take the stroller to REI, luckily there's a new one in Santa Fe, to see what could be done.  The guy said nothing could be done, it was broken, but he gave us an awesome discount in exchange for the broken stroller.  So, on the way back, we're gate checking the stroller, and checking it immediately upon arrival so we can claim it if it's damaged.  Here's what those baggage handlers did to the original does that happen?!?!

Both of the metal things are supposed to be straight.  
This was sitting in the basket!
This is what it's supposed to look like!
Don't trust the baggage handlers with your strollers!  We even bought the special luggage case for the BOB!  Not a lot of good that did!  Oh well, lesson learned, I guess.

On another note, I haven't had much time to update, so like always I'll still update, but backdate the posts.  Does that make sense?  Yes, no, riiight.  I have updates to post on visits with everyone in New Mexico, Easter, Kaiya visiting the Rio Grande, and a bunch more.  But you'll just have to wait...sorry!  :)  I'll try to update more soon.  

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