Tuesday, April 6, 2010

.new mexico museum of natural history + science.

Mommy, daddy and Grandma Barb took a day trip to Albuquerque to do a little shopping and visit the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science.  Eventhough Kaiya won't remember a lot of these first visits to places we take her, we want her to experience as many things as possible.  And what better way than to take her to her first museum!  She fell asleep by the end as we were checking out the souvenir shop to get little gifts for her, Kaytin and Caleb.  Oh yeah...apparently we went through the museum backwards which would explain why everyone was walking the opposite direction of us.  So by the time we finished looking at the exhibit, there was an explanation of what we just saw (as opposed to what we were about to see).  Oh well...the exhibits are the best part, who reads the information anyway?!  LOL!

This dino was HUGE...can you see daddy and Kaiya?
Kaiya checking out some fish
Kaiya looking at the bee hives

There was also an area where kids could make animal tracks...something Kaiya actually did.
In the same area, there was a museum lady who was holding a snake for the kids to touch.  We patiently waited our turn and since there was nobody else in the room but us, we figured we would go and try to touch it.  She said Kaiya was too little, which was very understandable.  So mommy asked if she could touch it.  This lady seemed like she did NOT want me to touch it.  She insisted on repeating herself 4-5 times that I needed to wash my hands after touching the snake before touching Kaiya again (all within a 30 second window).  Yeah lady...I heard you the first time, do I look deaf?!?  Sheesh.  So of course I was already annoyed, but I wanted to see what the snake felt like.  So once she let me touch it, of course, the lady yelled at me for petting the snake the wrong way.  Sorry lady, maybe you should've told me how to pet the snake instead of repeating I needed to wash my hands for the millionth time. (Can you tell I was annoyed by this lady...I swear she thought I was an idiot that's why.)  So she asked how the snake felt...and I told her that he felt like (snakeskin) boots.  Haha...she didn't like that very much.  I thanked her, asked her where the bathroom was and handed Kaiya to Grandma Barb and went off to wash my hands.  

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