Thursday, January 20, 2011

.a new look.

I still have to post about Christmas, New Year's, and Grandma Barb and Grandpa John's visit. But I wanted to say that I think I am going to be changing the blog from 'lil miss kaiya adventures' to 'adventures in barnessland'. I'm not sure if I'm going to change the url (is that what you call the 'xxxxx' in but I'll let you guys know if I do. I'm going to look for a new design and start posting about other things that we do. Like...if I bake something I'll post about it, or maybe it'll just be a picture of Foxxy and/or Lennox, or just a picture of a typical day on Kauai. Of course, a lot of it will probably still be about little miss Kaiya...but to be fair, if we have future children, I think this will be the best transition as opposed to starting another blog.

So as a preview to what's coming up..."that jolly guy brought too many toys" "hauoli maka hiki ho" "from los alamos to kauai" "strawberry pie pops...what?" "thirty and fabulous". See...the new blog post titles sound great already, right?! Now...if I can only get around to them. :) I'm working on it, I'm working on it.

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.lights on rice.

Kaiya participated in her first Lights on Rice Parade in December.  Despite the loud music coming from the bucket truck we were following, she managed to fall asleep.  Grandma Barbara, Papa Harry, Kaytin and Caleb also walked in the parade.  And since the parade starts only steps away from Grandma Barbara and Papa Harry's house, we saw Aunty Dawn and Uncle Wes along the side.  All of Kauai must have been there, we have never seen so many people in one area was way more crowded than Disneyland (on the day it rained, at least).  But it was a fun event, and hopefully next year Daddy can walk with us too.

.halloween 2010.

This is how late I am. are some pictures of Halloween. Kaiya was the Flashdance girl. Apparently in the movie the girl was an exotic dancer or something with dreams of becoming a professional dancer. Hey...I threw this together at the VERY last minute because Kaiya wasn't having anything to do with a long blonde wig so I could make her Baby Gaga. LOL!!! So this is what I came up with....

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.long beach aquarium.

Although Disneyland was one of the highlights of the trip, we also got to visit the Long Beach Aquarium. Both kids and adults were fascinated at all the exhibits. We got to see divers feed sharks, eels, and fish. (I think there were sharks...anyway). There was also a touch tank and you could touch the sting rays. So cool! There were otters and jellyfish and fish fish and more fish.

After the aquarium, we all headed to Grandma Barbara's friend's, Henri, house in Lakewood.  We all had a fun time talking story and catching up with Henri, her husband Raul, and daughter Marlea.  Henri also made some delicious food...and they even had tortillas from New Mexico because that's where Raul is from!  Too bad we all had just eaten lunch right before heading to Lakewood, but that didn't stop us from eating more.  :) And miss Kaiya...the bottomless pit...decided to help herself to handfuls of animal cookies and milk.  Marlea's daughter and the three kids sat down on the porch and took some great photos together.  Which reminds me, I should probably send a copy over to Henri.
We also got a chance to have dinner with some of Grandma Barbara's side of the family.  Aunty Aileen was just on Kauai so it was a treat to see her again so soon!  Same goes for Aunty Nan.  Kaiya, Kaytin and Caleb all had a chance to meet their baby cousin Sienna.  Sienna is only four months younger than Kaiya. We also got to BBQ with some of Papa Harry's side of the family.  It's always fun seeing the California family...and it just makes us miss them so much more.  Hopefully it won't be as long until we visit them again.
There is a lot more that we did on this Fall 2010 California trip, but I didn't get a chance to catch in on (digital) film.  I hope you enjoyed the three-post recap of our trip.  
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Monday, January 17, 2011

.california love pt.II.


For some reason I couldn't post more pictures so I decided to end the last post and continue with a new one.
Sunshine and Blue Skies...
 Day Two at Disneyland started with a tour of Disneyland via the Train!  It was a beautiful day!  We then went on Small World (which the wait was already longer than any from the day before) and Uncle Wes and Kaytin went on a couple more before we decided since we had seen most of Disneyland on Day One, we would venture over to California Adventure!  This was a first for everyone but Mommy and Daddy.  As soon as we walked in, they were clearing the pathway for a High School Musical performance.  So...Aunty Dawn was front and center waiting for "Troy and Gabriella" to perform.  (Haha...Kaytin is actually the one that insisted on getting a front row Dawn says.)  It was then on to some lunch (better choices than Disneyland, in my opinion), rides and more.  I think California Adventure is like a big fairground.  It's fun, but not nearly as exciting as Disneyland.  :)  As the day came to a close, we decided to head out early, but not before Kaiya had an AMAZING silhouette portrait done of her by a Japanese lady, who has only been doing the portraits for a couple years.  She was amazing!  She looked at Kaiya's profile a couple of times and carved her silhouette out with a sharp pair of scissors, no drawing or sketching or anything.  And within a minute or two, she presented us with a tiny black silhouette of Little Miss Kaiya...filipino nose, chubby cheeks, and little hair flip all included.  I highly recommend doing that the next time you're at Disneyland.  Thank you Grandma Barb for that!!

We think Disneyland was a SUCCESS and a half!!  We all can't wait until our next visit....which will hopefully be soon.  :)  Here are a couple more pictures from The Magic Kingdom.

....coming up next the Long Beach Aquarium...

.california love.

Kaiya went on her first trip to California in October. She's been on a long plane trip before, we took her to New Mexico and Vegas BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktopfor Easter.  But...she was only 6 months old back then.  This time it was a little different since she was 1 going on 12, not to mention walking and talking.  But we survived.  She slept for an hour here and there, but in between she watched movies with daddy, walked up and down the aisle with mommy, and luckily there was a little girl who was sitting in front of us that continually tried to entertain her.  What a life saver she was.  Turns out they were going to Disneyland, too...and she informed us that they would be at the Princess Breakfast the next morning if we wanted to meet up.  LOL!!!  She was about 6 or 7...going on 21.  Haha.

When we finally landed at LAX, we looked around and finally found Grandma Barb who was meeting up with us from New Mexico.  The rest of that day was kind of wasted with traveling to the hotel in Anaheim and picking up things, like diapers, from Target (GREAT excuse to go shopping right away.)  

The second day we took a trip up to Rancho Cucamonga (sp?) to do some shopping.  It was rainy and cold, and of course we didn't bring any rain or cold gear, so we had to buy some things to at least keep the kids warm the next day at Disneyland.  

As Disneyland day finally was pouring!  But it turned out to be in our favor because there were NO LINES and we got to ride pretty much all of the rides that we wanted before early afternoon!  Plus, a little rain doesn't hurt least that's what mommy learned from going to college in Oregon.  We were so lucky that Uncle Bill, Aunty Kimi, Wyland, Kiyomi, Aunty Angela, Nicole and Drew all met us at Disneyland!  And it turned out to be a beautiful day once the sun came out by late afternoon.  Kaiya came down with a pretty high fever, 104, but luckily we came prepared and doped her up with Tylenol and Ibuprofen to keep the fever under control.  We kept having to take her jacket and blankets on and off, take her temperature, put socks on and off...but she was a trooper through it all.
First wait time!
Daddy was WAY excited for this! be continued...

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