Friday, February 26, 2010

.mommy got a library card.

We decided to take Kaiya on a trip to the Hanapepe Library.  First, we detoured through Hanapepe town because we saw the Farmer's Market was going on.  There was a lot of good produce, so we picked up some fresh lettuce, tomatoes, basil and cilantro.  Daddy later turned those ingredients into a delish vinaigrette and go along with the beef curry that he made for everyone.

Back to the original thought of this post, we took Kaiya on her first trip to the library.  She has really taken an interest in books, she loves to look at the pictures and loves to hear us read to her.  So mommy signed up to get a library card.  Then we read to her some books which she loved.  I think we'll be making trips to the library quite often, especially when she gets a little older.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

.little miss kaiya sunglasses.

Mommy, Daddy and Aunty Dawn heard Puka Dog calling their names so we just HAD to go and pick some up.  They were super good, by the way.  Mommy and Daddy decided to pop into Sand Kids to see if they had some Kaiya sized sunglasses.  Sure enough...we put one pair on her and they were too big.  But then daddy found a pair, put them on her and she LOVED them.  She cruised around the rest of the lunch adventure with them on.  Here we are outside of Starbucks, which she rocked the sunglasses inside the store like that was how it was supposed to be.

And here she is showing them off and smiling away to Aunty Dawn...inside the house. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

.funny face tuesday: 23feb10.

we'll see how long i can keep this up, but this is the plan.  every tuesday, i'll try to take photos of kaiya and her many funny faces.  this week, i've included a funny picture of cousin caleb "cheesing"...this is one of the first time he's actually "cheesed" for the camera.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

.on the move.

Here she is....trying so hard to get places.  We took this video yesterday morning.  You can see how she likes to get her knees under her.  We keep trying to get Kaiya's cousin Caleb to show her how to crawl, but he'd rather run or just hold her hand (too cute!).  We all think that she's almost there, she just has to figure out her arm movements.  In the meantime, she's fine with rolling to get places.  She'll roll clear across an entire room if we let her!  And as you can hear, she's also into chit chatting.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

.lounge lizard.

These photos were taken on February 5, but mommy re-found them while looking through pictures to send to Aunty Aileen in California.  

Ever since Kaiya was a few weeks old, she loved to sit in the recliner.  For comparison, I'm also including a photo of her in the recliner on her 1 month birthday.  What a difference!

1 month

our little lounge lizard

fun with mommy's fisheye lens

And since I take most of the pictures, including this one, here's a rare photo of me and the little girl.  As you can see, Kaiya is always looking at the camera...eventhough most of the time she has her serious face on.  I think she's thinking, "What is that thing, and how can I grab it and put it in my mouth."  :)

kaiya and mommy

.we have a thumbsucker.

For the past week or two, we've noticed that little miss Kaiya has found her thumb!  We're glad that she found some way to soothe herself, we find her sucking her thumb whenever she's tired and basically anytime she wants to comfort herself.  It's good, for now...especially since she doesn't like the paci at all.  I've been trying to take a picture of her while sucking her thumb, but everytime I go to take the pic she stops, of course.  I finally got one this morning.

little miss thumbsucker

And here are just some random photos from this morning while Daddy and Kaiya were playing, as usual.

daddy and kaiya playing

kaiya's hair is getting longer!

a onesie daddy & mommy found on our outing to the coconut marketplace

I'll upload another video a little later of her showing off how she has now mastered rolling.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

.someone's ready to EAT.

Today, we took Kaiya on a little adventure to Kapaa, which included a stop for lunch at the Coconut Marketplace.  It sure has changed over the past 6 years.  The whole side closest to Kintaro's was closed...including the movie theater, I believe.  Hope the economy starts getting better soon.  We did see a couple spots that would be cool for daddy to open a restaurant, though.  :)  Kaiya was all giggles and would laugh every time mommy would "laugh" at her.  Too funny.  Kaiya also laughed a bunch when we tickled her.  We've been trying to get her to laugh while getting tickled for a while.  Apparently, she's ticklish in the same spot as daddy!

...Daddy and Kaiya waiting for lunch...

As I mentioned before, Kaiya has taken an interest in what everyone else is eating or drinking.  She will stare at the food, then follow the food to your mouth.  I feel bad, but Dr. Carolan said that we will talk solids at her 6 month appointment.  We were planning to wait until 6 months anyway.  We're excited to start Kaiya on solid foods, though.  Especially since daddy is a chef.  We're planning to introduce Kaiya to a variety of foods in hopes that she doesn't turn out to be picky eaters like her mommy and daddy were.  (Daddy didn't eat meat until he was in high school, and mommy didn't really like veggies or fruits when she was little.)  Hope she likes our concoctions!

...Kaiya trying to drink from her bath cup...

...Kaiya staring at mommy's sandwich...

...Kaiya trying to EAT mommy's sandwich...
No, she's not really eating it!

Along with seeming to be ready for solids, Kaiya continues to grow before our eyes.  Mommy and daddy were going through some of her 6-9 month clothes to see what we could take to our April trip to New Mexico and Las Vegas.  Mommy forgot that she ordered some cute big girl PJ's when they were on sale, so we decided to try them on her tonight.  No surprises here...they fit the little chubby chickee! 

...Kaiya in her big girl PJ's...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

.happy malasada day.

while a bunch of people are out celebrating fat tuesday and preparing for lent, we decided to honor the portuguese and celebrate malasada day!  the reasoning behind malasada day, according the garden island (kauai's newspaper), is the portuguese, who were predominantly catholic, wanted to use up all of their butter and sugar in preparation for lent.  so they prepared malasada's to share with the rest of the community.  how nice of them!

kaiya is a wee bit too young to indulge in the malasada's mommy and daddy got for the family...but she eyed them up and down and stared intently at us while we certainly enjoyed them.  next year kaiya, next year.

here's kaiya looking to see if we left her a malasada in her snack tray...

no luck.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

.five months old.

kaiya turned FIVE MONTHS old on valentine's day!  time sure does fly by.  she keeps growing and growing, it's hard to imagine that just a few months ago she was baking away in my belly.  i miss those days of her kicking me in the ribs and partying in the wee hours of the morning!  but i sure do LOVE having her here.  everytime we look at her she just melts our heart and we fall in love with her and each other, over and over and over again!

here's a few pictures of her from her five month birthday shoot.  it's getting quite difficult to take these monthly pictures.  i can just imagine taking them in a couple months when she's crawling...or when she starts walking!  probably gonna have to take them in her sleep.  lol!

.kaiya's valentine's weekend.

since daddy had to work all weekend, he decided to treat mommy to a valentine's lunch on his day off, which was on friday.  we didn't go anywhere fancy, but it was good nonetheless.  kaiya ate lunch prior to mommy and daddy's lunch, so while they were eating, little miss kaiya was happy happy happy. check her out in her bumbleride...wearing her "love" cirque du soleil onesie that grandma barbara and papa harry got for her in las vegas when they went to watch the "love" over the summer.

kaiya also got a couple early valentine's gifts.  two puppies (one from grandma barbara and papa harry, and the other all the way from new mexico from grandma barb) ...
and two books from mommy and daddy ("i love you through and through..." and "love you forever")...

kaiya kept the love theme going on saturday and sported a cute 'love me' onesie.

she also decided to play a little hide and seek from mommy.

on sunday, she didn't feel too good...probably because mommy decided to eat chili w/beans a few days earlier.  note to mommy: kaiya HATES beans!!  but...she still sported a cute happy valentine's day shirt with some jeans that mommy picked up at ooh, baby recycled in hanamaulu.

that was pretty much the extent of kaiya's first valentine's day weekend.  not very eventful...but really, there is no need for a designated day to express love.  that should probably be done on a daily, or at least regular, basis!  to many more days of expressing love....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

.little miss kaiya's first tax season.

first things first....check me out in my jeans.  they're a little tight when i sit down, so we have to unbutton them, and they're a little too long cause i'm a shorty like mommy, but nonetheless....

okay, moving on.  mommy and daddy had an appointment at h&r block so that they could get their taxes filed.  they had a big year in 2009 with moving across the pacific, daddy starting a new job, and the most important...having little miss kaiya.  so, they wanted to make sure that they got their maximum return.  kaiya went along for the trip, of course, and was such a good little girl.  mommy fed kaiya right before the appointment so she was happy.  she uttered a couple baaahhh blaaaaa's, but that was it...and fell asleep by the end of the appointment, which only lasted 45 minutes.  

after they were done at h&r block, mommy and daddy took kaiya to border's to check out some books.  we got two great books to give kaiya on her first valentine's day.  kaiya also loved the stuffed animal section that border's now has.  here's her and daddy playing with the "where the wild things are" monster...

although kaiya is a good sleeper at night, her naps on the other hand have been an issue.  since kaiya was a few weeks old, someone has had to hold her while she took her nap, otherwise she would wake up as soon as we put her down.  and not wanting her to be an overtired little babe, we gladly accepted the, whoever was holding her (mostly mommy since she stays home with kaiya) got to take a nap too.  well, being that she's almost 5 months old (what?!?) and can sleep on her belly since she's a rollover junkie, we decided to try and put her down starting just a couple of days ago. worked!  on her belly, of course.  here she is during her first nap of the day...snuggling her blankie dog, like usual.


daddy has the day off tomorrow, so him and mommy are going out for an early valentine's day lunch because he has to work on sunday.  valentine's day is also kaiya's 5 month to follow as standard.


just testing out posting via iPhone. mobile posting via text did not work lastnight.

kaiya hamming it up

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

.rolling junkie.

since kaiya has learned to roll over, she's been trying to roll alllll over the place.  you put her down, turn away for a second, and she's in a completely different spot.  she loves it!  lately, she's been trying to find a way that's easier to get around other than rolling...we're not sure if she's trying to crawl or what.  but from the looks of it, she wants to get a move on...and she manages to get her legs under her and sometimes even up on her knees.  she's one determined little chickee.  here's a video of kaiya trying to move about the room.

.look what i can do.

a couple weeks ago, i posted on kaiya practicing sitting up.  well, as days pass her muscles that enable her to sit by herself keep getting stronger and stronger resulting in the following....
since kaiya has been able to roll over, she's been loving the fact that she can sleep on her tummy.  she also likes to sleep in the following position...

gotta love little miss kaiya!

Monday, February 8, 2010

.daddy's day off adventures.

on the last day of daddy's three day weekend, we took kaiya on her first trip to the kauai humane society.  she fell asleep on the way there, so we had to wake her up...well, all the dogs barking took care of that for us.  since she loves watching foxxy and lennox, we figured she would love to go hunting for a puppy for papa harry.  aunty dawn and caleb took a trip earlier in the day, too.  we're all looking for a dog for papa harry because we all know he would love it...grandma barbara might take a little convincing (or we just show up with a puppy and she has no choice).  hahahah!  there were some cute pups there, and we wish we could take them all home and save them, but of course that's not an option.  so the next best thing, i suppose, is to go visit them every once in a while.

.bella...a puppy that was already adopted.
.dottie loved caleb.
.daddy and kaiya.
.we loved bo because his eyes were pretty.

after the humane society, we did some shopping...well, more like browsing...with mommy and daddy's birthday money.  mommy bought slippers for her, and couldn't resist buying little girl ones...they were 20% off, after all.  they're waaaay too big for kaiya right now, and might not fit her for 3 more maybe we'll give them away as a gift.

while mommy & daddy ate lunch at deli & bread, kaiya took a nap in her stroller.  since she's got great head control and getting to be such a big girl, she's been riding in her stroller without the carseat for a couple of months now.  she loves the fact that she can sit upright when she's awake, and lay down flat when she's napping.  however, the stroller has a wheel that locks up and doesn't allow you to you have to constantly kick it back into place.  such a pain!  we'll probably invest in a new lightweight stroller when we visit new mexico in april...that way we can test it out at babies r us instead of just ordering one off of and going strictly off of reviews.

.this is a pic of her back in december in her stroller watching mommy run on the treadmill.

after lunch, we headed over to kmart.  monday's=farmer's market in the kmart parking lot.  we got there around 2:30, and the farmer's market starts at 3.  little did we know how many people go there!  there was a bunch of people packed into the one aisle of the farmer's market.  so many people that kaiya got overstimulated...resulting in her crying and us leaving.  oh well, next time we'll be better prepared.  but we did see a shave ice truck and picked up a small rainbow one.  good stuff...and mommy's been craving shave ice for a while.

kaiya took another nap while mommy and daddy were enjoying their shave ice.  after shave ice, mommy had to run into costco to buy kaiya size THREE diapers.  a few weeks ago, we bought a bulk size of huggies snug & dry size 2 diapers, but they're pretty lame.  since kaiya sleeps through the night (up until this 4 month regression!), we don't wake her up to change her diaper. and these new diapers suck, so that results in leaky diapers.  plus kaiya has chunky they leave red marks all over.  poor babe.  we still have a full pack, but maybe we'll bring that to papa harry and grandma barbara's.  :)

after the diaper run, we headed back home...and stopped to check the mail on the way.  there was a lovely package from aunty kristin who lives in washington.  she's recently taken up knitting, and we asked if she would knit kaiya a beanie.  she sent one a couple of weeks ago, but kaiya's head is so big it was more like a baby yarmulke.  (it will, however, be a perfect fit for when and if kaiya ever has a sister)  so she sent a new one and it seems to fit like a glove.  and looks uber cute too.  kaiya can't wait to show it off in new mexico!

thus ends kaiya's monday adventures on daddy's day off.

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