Saturday, February 20, 2010

.lounge lizard.

These photos were taken on February 5, but mommy re-found them while looking through pictures to send to Aunty Aileen in California.  

Ever since Kaiya was a few weeks old, she loved to sit in the recliner.  For comparison, I'm also including a photo of her in the recliner on her 1 month birthday.  What a difference!

1 month

our little lounge lizard

fun with mommy's fisheye lens

And since I take most of the pictures, including this one, here's a rare photo of me and the little girl.  As you can see, Kaiya is always looking at the camera...eventhough most of the time she has her serious face on.  I think she's thinking, "What is that thing, and how can I grab it and put it in my mouth."  :)

kaiya and mommy

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