Sunday, February 7, 2010

.superbowl xviv.

so not only was sunday, february 7, 2010 kaiya's first superbowl experience...but it was also daddy's 29th birthday.  and luckily, he had a three day weekend!  our superbowl party was very small, with just papa harry and grandma barbara coming over.  daddy made london broil, aunty dawn made corned beef, grandma barbara made 7-layer dip and also brought some sushi over.  we had a variety of breads and stuffed ourselves silly with sandwiches, sushi, and chips.

nobody's favorite team actually made it to the we were all just kind of cheering for whoever.  daddy was cheering for the saints because he likes reggie bush, and mommy was cheering for the saints because she likes 'keeping up with the kardashians' and reggie bush is kim's bf.  lol...what a great way to pick a team mommy.

here's some photos of kaiya and her cousins enjoying the superbowl.

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