Monday, February 8, 2010

.daddy's day off adventures.

on the last day of daddy's three day weekend, we took kaiya on her first trip to the kauai humane society.  she fell asleep on the way there, so we had to wake her up...well, all the dogs barking took care of that for us.  since she loves watching foxxy and lennox, we figured she would love to go hunting for a puppy for papa harry.  aunty dawn and caleb took a trip earlier in the day, too.  we're all looking for a dog for papa harry because we all know he would love it...grandma barbara might take a little convincing (or we just show up with a puppy and she has no choice).  hahahah!  there were some cute pups there, and we wish we could take them all home and save them, but of course that's not an option.  so the next best thing, i suppose, is to go visit them every once in a while.

.bella...a puppy that was already adopted.
.dottie loved caleb.
.daddy and kaiya.
.we loved bo because his eyes were pretty.

after the humane society, we did some shopping...well, more like browsing...with mommy and daddy's birthday money.  mommy bought slippers for her, and couldn't resist buying little girl ones...they were 20% off, after all.  they're waaaay too big for kaiya right now, and might not fit her for 3 more maybe we'll give them away as a gift.

while mommy & daddy ate lunch at deli & bread, kaiya took a nap in her stroller.  since she's got great head control and getting to be such a big girl, she's been riding in her stroller without the carseat for a couple of months now.  she loves the fact that she can sit upright when she's awake, and lay down flat when she's napping.  however, the stroller has a wheel that locks up and doesn't allow you to you have to constantly kick it back into place.  such a pain!  we'll probably invest in a new lightweight stroller when we visit new mexico in april...that way we can test it out at babies r us instead of just ordering one off of and going strictly off of reviews.

.this is a pic of her back in december in her stroller watching mommy run on the treadmill.

after lunch, we headed over to kmart.  monday's=farmer's market in the kmart parking lot.  we got there around 2:30, and the farmer's market starts at 3.  little did we know how many people go there!  there was a bunch of people packed into the one aisle of the farmer's market.  so many people that kaiya got overstimulated...resulting in her crying and us leaving.  oh well, next time we'll be better prepared.  but we did see a shave ice truck and picked up a small rainbow one.  good stuff...and mommy's been craving shave ice for a while.

kaiya took another nap while mommy and daddy were enjoying their shave ice.  after shave ice, mommy had to run into costco to buy kaiya size THREE diapers.  a few weeks ago, we bought a bulk size of huggies snug & dry size 2 diapers, but they're pretty lame.  since kaiya sleeps through the night (up until this 4 month regression!), we don't wake her up to change her diaper. and these new diapers suck, so that results in leaky diapers.  plus kaiya has chunky they leave red marks all over.  poor babe.  we still have a full pack, but maybe we'll bring that to papa harry and grandma barbara's.  :)

after the diaper run, we headed back home...and stopped to check the mail on the way.  there was a lovely package from aunty kristin who lives in washington.  she's recently taken up knitting, and we asked if she would knit kaiya a beanie.  she sent one a couple of weeks ago, but kaiya's head is so big it was more like a baby yarmulke.  (it will, however, be a perfect fit for when and if kaiya ever has a sister)  so she sent a new one and it seems to fit like a glove.  and looks uber cute too.  kaiya can't wait to show it off in new mexico!

thus ends kaiya's monday adventures on daddy's day off.

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