Tuesday, February 16, 2010

.happy malasada day.

while a bunch of people are out celebrating fat tuesday and preparing for lent, we decided to honor the portuguese and celebrate malasada day!  the reasoning behind malasada day, according the garden island (kauai's newspaper), is the portuguese, who were predominantly catholic, wanted to use up all of their butter and sugar in preparation for lent.  so they prepared malasada's to share with the rest of the community.  how nice of them!

kaiya is a wee bit too young to indulge in the malasada's mommy and daddy got for the family...but she eyed them up and down and stared intently at us while we certainly enjoyed them.  next year kaiya, next year.

here's kaiya looking to see if we left her a malasada in her snack tray...

no luck.

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