Sunday, February 7, 2010


kaiya’s latest toy adventure is her new evenflo exersaucer walk-around.  the walk-around helps baby reach 10 developmental milestones: tactile development, visual development, object permanence, hand-eye coordination, music development, gross motor skills, object exploration, cause & effect learning, and self-awareness.  so far, she seems to like it.  she’s entertained by it for 30 minutes or so.  she loves the mirror and this bee toy that you pull and it sucks back in while making a buzzing noise.  she hasn’t quite figured how to play with the toys by herself yet.  her arms may be too short at the moment also.  but she seems to love the fact that she can “sit” and “stand” like a big girl.

here's a video of kaiya playing in her new exersaucer.  sorry for the shaking…
not only kaiya sparked interest in her new exersaucer.  her cousin caleb was very anxious to try it out as well.  he tried several times to climb into the seat WITH her in it already…but his plan was foiled by myself, eric and dawn.  so…when kaiya was all done with it, he thoroughly enjoyed himself in some exersaucing fun.
.checking out her new bee friend.
.chubby chickee legs.
.cutie pie.
.caleb enjoying his turn.

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