Thursday, February 11, 2010

.little miss kaiya's first tax season.

first things first....check me out in my jeans.  they're a little tight when i sit down, so we have to unbutton them, and they're a little too long cause i'm a shorty like mommy, but nonetheless....

okay, moving on.  mommy and daddy had an appointment at h&r block so that they could get their taxes filed.  they had a big year in 2009 with moving across the pacific, daddy starting a new job, and the most important...having little miss kaiya.  so, they wanted to make sure that they got their maximum return.  kaiya went along for the trip, of course, and was such a good little girl.  mommy fed kaiya right before the appointment so she was happy.  she uttered a couple baaahhh blaaaaa's, but that was it...and fell asleep by the end of the appointment, which only lasted 45 minutes.  

after they were done at h&r block, mommy and daddy took kaiya to border's to check out some books.  we got two great books to give kaiya on her first valentine's day.  kaiya also loved the stuffed animal section that border's now has.  here's her and daddy playing with the "where the wild things are" monster...

although kaiya is a good sleeper at night, her naps on the other hand have been an issue.  since kaiya was a few weeks old, someone has had to hold her while she took her nap, otherwise she would wake up as soon as we put her down.  and not wanting her to be an overtired little babe, we gladly accepted the, whoever was holding her (mostly mommy since she stays home with kaiya) got to take a nap too.  well, being that she's almost 5 months old (what?!?) and can sleep on her belly since she's a rollover junkie, we decided to try and put her down starting just a couple of days ago. worked!  on her belly, of course.  here she is during her first nap of the day...snuggling her blankie dog, like usual.


daddy has the day off tomorrow, so him and mommy are going out for an early valentine's day lunch because he has to work on sunday.  valentine's day is also kaiya's 5 month to follow as standard.

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