Sunday, June 24, 2012

::one month::

already...i'm behind.  nonetheless...a keelan update.

.the little guy a few days after coming home.
it's hard to believe that keelan is ONE MONTH old already!!  it's even harder to believe that if he stayed put until my induction date...he would only be 2 days (that's when i started it...therefore, he would have been a little under 2 weeks old) today!  we are very lucky that keelan is a great baby...he will go to anyone, sleeps great, and eats great.  he does get fussy when he gets gassy...and we all feel bad for him and help him push his farts out as best we can.  :)   (won't he LOVE that story when he's older!) 

he has grown so much in just one month! here are his one month stats:
weight: 9 lbs. 10 oz.
length: 19 3/4 in.
head: 14 cm

he already needs a haircut.

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