Saturday, June 9, 2012

::indoor picnic::

Since we've brought Keelan home, things have definitely changed for Kaiya.  She no longer has our 100% attention anymore.  For the most part, she's dealing with it quite well.  But she's always wanting us to "eat with me mommy", "watch cartoons with me daddy", "sit by me".  I feel sooo bad for her, and she's always getting scolded for jumping or running around her brother.  We just have to realize that she's still only 2 and just wants to play.  So today, I asked her what she wanted to do (since Keelan was happily napping).  We browsed Pinterest and I asked her if she wanted to have an indoor picnic.  She got really happy and we just laid out a blanket, a couple plates/forks/spoons/cups, a pitcher of "juice" and had a picnic.  She served herself and I some chicken...then Keelan started crying.  So as I was feeding him, I told her when he was done eating we could finish our picnic.  She replied by telling me, "I ate it all already and put it away."  Sure enough, when I came back to the picnic, everything was neatly stacked on the table. 

I told her that later today, after Eric gets home, we can make homemade ice cream in a bag!  She got all excited and ran off and made herself and I some ice cream cones.  Kaiya is so funny and she does some crazy things, things that we have no idea where she comes up with it.  But she constantly makes us all laugh.  We hope Keelan is the same way when he's her age.  And we can't wait for them to play together...even with the fighting that will come along with it as well. 

I'll try to continue to post more pictures of the activities we all do since I will be home on maternity leave for a few more weeks.  I know I'm definitely enjoying the time off to be with the kids...and I know Kaiya is loving having her mommy home as well.  She keeps telling me..."don't go back to work mommy."  Well...if we only won the lottery...that Hawaii doesn't have. 

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