Saturday, April 3, 2010

.kaiya meets new mexico.

Our first day in New Mexico had to involve a trip to Chili Works, which is a little burrito shop that serves up some yummy breakfast burritos.  So, little miss Kaiya got all bundled up and took the quick trip up the hill to Los Alamos (Daddy is actually from White Rock).  Oh how we miss those breakfast burritos (although by the end of the trip, we're kind of convinced that Knapp's Wraps actually has the better breakfast burritos!).  Daddy says he still prefers the chili of Chili Works, though, because the green is clear your sinuses hot!!  We also got one for Grandpa Dave and took a quick tour of his new office and met a couple of his co-workers.  And outside of his office building there was some old snow, we couldn't play in it or anything, but it was the first time Kaiya got to see some snow.  

Kaiya's stayed pretty much on Hawaii time the whole time we were in New Mexico, so she would wake up around 8 or 9.  But in Hawaii, it was really 4 or 5am.  So she would be up for a bit, then want to take a nap again.  Her first nap of the day was joined by Grandma Barb's dog, Sandy. 

Uncle Tom, Aunt Viv, Cousins Lindsey and Katie, along with their dogs Maggie and Daisy drove in from Colorado for Easter Weekend...and Aunt Martha drove in from Albuquerque for the weekend as well.  It was a full house of Yarnell fun.  After Kaiya's first nap, her and daddy got all dressed up for the cold, eventhough it was quite warm outside.  They got all bundled up to watch Uncle Tom and Lindsey use the chainsaw to chop up some firewood for the fireplace.

Grandma Barb had a "Meet Kaiya" gathering at her house later that day.  Although Kaiya was a little picky on who could and who couldn't carry her, everyone enjoyed FINALLY meeting her.  She met a LOT of people (and dogs).   She met quite a few of the New Mexico "family," a lot of them who also came out for mommy and daddy's wedding almost two years ago.  It was a beautiful day...apparently the first nice, sunny weekend day in quite some time!  She showed off how she gets around (scooting/crawling) and how strong her legs were getting.

She had some quality time with Grandma Barb.

And got to hang out with Grandpa Dave, too.  He showed her Grandma Barb's windchime, which she loved the noise coming from it.

Kaiya also got to meet Cool Uncle Dennis.
After everyone left, Grandpa Dave treated the whole family and Uncle Dennis to Angelina's.  Yummy!!!  It was a great day in New Mexico!

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