Friday, April 30, 2010

.salt pond.

We finally got a chance to take Kaiya to the beach!  We were a little worried how she would react to the water because a few months ago, we tried to put her in the kiddie pool with Kaytin and Caleb and she SCREAMED.  We thought it was because the water was too cold, but now we're not too sure.  Maybe she just wasn't ready at the time.  However, this trip to the beach she LOVED!!!  She loved being there, she loved the sand, she loved the water, she loved the sun, she loved everything.

However, before we were able to go to the beach, Kaiya had to go into Dr. Carolan's office to get her H1N1 booster shot.  Aaaahhh shots!!!  Amazingly, she didn't cry one peep!  I think she was in shock because Aunty Flo came right in and gave her the warning or anything.  Kaiya looked a little shocked and didn't quite know how to react so we clapped and tried to make her laugh and that seemed to do the trick.  I highly doubt that will work again, though.  We also got a chance to weigh her and she came in at 17lbs. 11oz.  So she's right on track and gaining about 1lb. a month.  Which is good, because in those first couple of months she was gaining about 1lb. or more a week!  Could you imagine?  Now, we just hope she's growing taller too.

When we got back from the Dr.'s office, we all got ready to head to the beach.  Boy does it take longer when you have a baby!  It's not just put on a bathing suit, grab some towels and sunscreen and go.  We had to gather swim diapers, towels, put sunscreen and bathing suit on Kaiya. pack a cooler with water and snacks, bring Kaiya's lunch and snacks, pack hats, an umbrella, chairs and mats...the list goes on and on.  But in the end it's all worth it when Kaiya's laughing and splashing in the water and on the sand!

Here's her first look at the ocean!

After mommy and daddy ate lunch, daddy brought Kaiya to get a feel for the salt water.  She didn't scream so that was a good sign!
So daddy decided to take Kaiya in the water for a swim.  She loved the salt water, or the taste of it at least.  She kept trying to lick it off of her face and hands!  The salt water helped drain her nose, though, since she had a little cold the week before.
When we got out of the water, she couldn't help but play with more water (eventhough it was in a bottle).  And how cute is her bikini?!?
When we were in New Mexico, we picked up a big straw hat for Kaiya to wear when she was in the sun.  She looks so ridiculously cute in it don't you think?  I know, you can't even see her face!

She got sleepy after a couple of hours, so we blocked the sun with one of the chairs and she fell asleep to the sound of the waves.

And while Kaiya was napping, a monk seal came onto the beach right in front of us.  You're supposed to keep a certain distance from them since they are endangered, so we would've had to move it came closer.  But after this picture he swam back into the water, I think because there were so many people around that spot.  He swam a little bit further and found a spot on the beach to roll around in the sand...and the lifeguard came and put warning tape in order for people to keep the right amount of distance.

We can't wait to get Kaiya back to the beach...the weather just needs to start cooperating more!  But I'm sure there will be future posts about other trips to the beach with Little Miss Kaiya.

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