Tuesday, May 4, 2010

.kaiya's new thing.

Since Kaiya has started crawling like a maniac, her new thing is trying to climb stairs!!!  What?!?  She's constantly trying to climb the three stairs from the living room to the kitchen...and just the other day I caught her trying to climb the stairs going out of the room.  Look at her...she knows she got caught too.  What I didn't catch was her smile after I caught her.  I can't help but smile, though, she's getting so big... and look at her chunky legs.  
I caught her again the following day!!

Another new thing that Kaiya does is sit up.  She's good at it, too, now.  So every morning we wake up, Kaiya's sitting up (or trying to crawl over to mommy to get something, whether it be the remote or a phone).  Again, we can't help but smile when we wake up and she's sitting there smiling at us.

This was taken right after her bath, but this is the position she's in when she wakes us up...at 6am!
Speaking of bath, mommy had a little fun with Kaiya's hair that continues to get longer and longer.

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