Wednesday, May 12, 2010

.kaiya loves mum-mums.

Kaiya discovered her new favorite snack...Baby Mum-Mums!  They're these Japanese Rice Rusk crackers.    They're these surfboard shaped crackers, that are baked and pretty much melt in your mouth.  Kaiya loves does Caleb.  Luckily for Caleb, they come two to a package.  I think Kaiya loves them because she can grab it and eat it all by herself like a big girl.  When you open the package, she comes crawling over to you and grabs it right away...she's crazy for them!!

From the package, it says..."Rice rusks have been party of a baby's diet in the Orient for over a century.  Today, they are the traditional 'first snack' for babies because of their great taste and fine ingredients."  I don't know about's pretty bland, but what do I know, maybe babies like that.

And on another note, since Kaiya has been crawling for a couple of weeks now (with her belly off of the ground), she's getting into EVERYTHING!  She seems to love going by the TV and knocking over as many DVD's as she can.  There's no escaping this one Kaiya....caught ya!

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