Friday, May 14, 2010

.eight months old.

Kaiya turned 8 months old on May 14!!!  It's been so fun to watch her grow the past 8 months, we can only imagine what it'll be like to continue to see her grow.  Every night, when she sleeps, we both look at her and can't believe how big she is getting.  You can see more and more of her personality everyday...while some minute she's doing the silliest things, the next she's crying for mommy.  Speaking of crying for mommy...have I mentioned that she's been saying "mamamamam".  Right...I know she's not really saying mama...but when she's crying and looking around for me and saying it, I can imagine she's calling me, right?

Anyway, we spent the morning at the beach since Kaiya LOVES it there.  She loves the sun, the sand, and the sea!  She was all laughs when daddy was helping her "swim".  Looks like someone has to take swimming lessons soon!  Maybe mommy should too!  haha.
Here's Kaiya just waking up from a power nap during the car ride over, which takes about 10-15 minutes.
The tide was really low when we first got there, so we decided to just play on the sand for a while.

Then daddy buried Kaiya in the sand...
...she didn't seem to mind.
And of course, she passed out on the ride home and slept in her carseat for a while after we got home.
When she woke up, she had an early bath and we headed over to Grandma Barbara and Papa Harry's for dinner.  And since we didn't take her sticker pictures yet, we took them over there.  Let me tell you, these pictures are getting harder and harder to take...especially since she's mobile.  So excuse the blurriness, it's because she WON'T. KEEP. STILL.  Happy 8 Month Birthday Baby!!!

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