Tuesday, May 25, 2010

.tuesday funday: 25may10.

The new Tuesday Fundays!  Today's post is all about Kaiya and her newfound skills.  In recent weeks, Kaiya has been working on mastering her skill of putting things in her mouth...mainly SNACKS, which I believe is her favorite food.  (Yes, above all the delicious baby food we've been giving her!)  So lately, she's been trying to grab the snacks with her pointer finger and thumb...and shove the snack into her mouth.  She's actually pretty good at it...shoving the snack into her mouth, not the pointer finger/thumb grasp.  I'm sure she'll get that down in the next few weeks, though.  She's also perfected her growl (yes, I said growl...her and daddy love to growl at each other.  LOL!), sticks out her tongue (randomly, we don't ask her to do it), and loves to suck on her pointer finger...we think it's because she's getting her top teeth cause we can see the white starting to break through her gums.  She also has mastered crawling, and has started to pull herself up to a standing position.  She's pulled herself up a couple of times only to stand for a second or two, then fall on her butt (good thing for all her cushion!).  She thinks it's pretty funny.  She also cracks up when mommy laughs at her...not a real laugh, though, it has to be an exaggerated fake laugh.  

Anyway, here's some pictures that mommy took from today while she was hunting for snacks and eating them.  Only to get distracted and then she decided she was going to try and get mommy's camera.

Here she is shoving the snack container into the camera...she's crazy for snacks I'm telling you!
Oh, and this is her with her phone...probably calling daddy to growl at him!  :)

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