Friday, May 28, 2010

.what happens when kaiya doesn't nap.

Most days Kaiya naps really 2-hour nap and one 1-hour nap.  Sometimes she even throws in a 45-min nap...and cat naps in the car.  However, there are those days where she refuses to take one of the naps.  She'll usually sleep early on those days...or sometimes she'll stay up later because she's so tired.  Well, today was one of those days where she didn't take her long 2-hour nap.  I could tell she was tired, because she would try and sleep when I rocked her...but for some reason she fought it, and she wanted to play with Caleb.  Since I knew I probably wanted to put her down for the night a little earlier, I decided to try and give her dinner at 5, instead of the usual 5:45-6, so that I could start her bedtime routine a little earlier as well.  Weeeelllll...Little Miss Kaiya decided she was too tired to even finish dinner, resulting in....
She kept trying to doze off mid-bite...and I knew she was going to fall asleep in her chair.  So I tried to get in as many bites as possible.  Isn't she too cute!!  And on another note, I cut up an avocado to use on my sandwich so I decided to cut up some little pieces for Kaiya to try and feed herself.  She's had avocado pureed before so I figured why not?  She didn't love it...but she did eat a few pieces.  

And earlier in the day, I was trying to play around with the different options on the Hipstamatic app again and I caught one of her trying to stand...again.  She LOVES to try and stand up...she's only doing it for a couple seconds at a time, but she's trying more and more.  Sometimes she falls on her butt and laughs, sometimes she falls all the way down into a laying position...and laughs.  But look at her chubby little legs!

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