Friday, May 7, 2010

.kaiya's ponytail.

Little Miss Kaiya's hair keeps getting longer and longer.  And we LOVE her hair color, it's not dark dark brown like mommy's.  It's more like daddy's and a medium/light brown.  It's so funny cause she has about 10 strands that are really long...and it goes past her neck!  But like I's literally like 10 strands.  haha.  I don't know why we haven't cut it yet.

It's been getting hotter and hotter as summer nears, and Kaiya sweats pretty easily.  So mommy decided to try and put her hair in a ponytail.  She managed to get a few strands into one...and how cute does she look?!?  I can't wait until it gets a little longer so we can put it in cute ponytails all the time.  For now, she rocks the side sweep with a cute mini clip.  (Of course, it's just as cute!)

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