Monday, May 31, 2010

.memorial day 2010.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  As a celebration of Memorial Day, mommy's last weekday off for who knows how long (she's going back to work PT/Temp), and daddy's day off...we went to the beach, again!! We knew since it was a holiday, the beach would most likely get crowded, so we decided to head to the beach right after breakfast.  When we got there, there was one other family (who left about 15 minutes after we got there)...but we could tell there was going to be some sort of party because the pavilion was set up for one (the same pavilion where we want to have Kaiya's 1st bday party).  Good thing we got there early, because by the time we left, 4.5 hours later, the beach was full of kids and adults.  Nonetheless, we thoroughly enjoyed the first part of our Memorial Day at Salt Pond...and of course Kaiya enjoyed being in the water and sun.

"Why are we here so early?"
Quickly cheered up by a toy.
Daddy and Kaiya...and my pigtails...and Hello Kitty bathing suit!
Loves to fly in the air.
Chubby Chickee
A little power nap before lunch and one last swim in the water.

When we got home, Uncle Wes, Aunty Dawn, Kaytin and Caleb were already back from camping.  And since Kaiya missed Kaytin and Caleb so much mommy and Kaiya stayed outside to play, while daddy washed the car and got it all spiffy for mommy to take to work tomorrow!

Yasu squeezing Kaiya's everyday occurrence.
Yasu "brushing" Kaiya's hair.
Yes...he was squeezing her cheeks.  LOL!!

That was our Memorial Day 2010!  We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did.

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