Friday, June 4, 2010

.mommy went back to work.

This week, mommy went back to work!  She's working part-time at a temporary position at KIUC, where she worked after she graduated from Oregon State.  She's helping them get caught up with numerous projects, and today they expressed interest in incorporating some Wellness Programs for employees, which makes mommy very happy!  Although she doesn't get to spend much time with daddy now, and misses Kaiya at work, she enjoyed being part of the working class again.  Daddy watches Kaiya until lunch time, then Aunty Dawn takes over for an hour or so...mommy only works until 1 so she has the rest of the afternoon to hang out with Kaiya.

On a completely different note, tonight, we all (minus daddy since he was working) went to Brick Oven Pizza to celebrate Kaytin graduating from Pre-School!  For those that haven't had Brick Oven time you're on Kauai you should probably check it out (warning:  pizza's are a bit overpriced!)  Anyway, Kaiya got to eat cheerios while the rest of us munched away on Super Pizza.  But she sat happily in her high chair like a big girl...and made a LOT of noises and fake laughs.
After dinner, we all headed over to the new Kukuiula Shopping Center and enjoyed some Lappert's Ice Cream!  Kaiya even got to try a little tiny bite of Papa Harry's chocolate...and Aunty Dawn gave her some of her Macadamia Ice Cream as a bribe for favorite aunty.  haha.  It was a nice night out with the family...if only daddy wasn't working.  I guess that's the life of a chef, huh?

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