Saturday, June 19, 2010

.pre-daddy's day.

Of course, daddy had to work on Father's Day, so we all spent the day together on his day off, which was Saturday.  Macy's had a morning special on a pair of earrings mommy wanted, so after daddy came back from fishing, we headed off to Kukui Grove.  Little did we know it was a huge one-day sale at Macy's, not to mention there was live music in front of Deja Vu, and a Father's Day Classic Carshow in the parking lot.

Mommy and daddy didn't have a chance to eat breakfast, so we stopped by McDonald's and waited for all the other stores to open (Macy's opened early).  On the way to McDonald's, the art gallery was showing Bonsai plants so we stopped in to see them.  They were beautiful...and one of the trees was over 100 years old!  Here's a few of them...

Below is the 100 year + tree...and Kaiya posing with it...sorry it got cut off

And lucky us...there was a classic car show going on in the parking lot.  We LOVE old cars like these...Grandpa Dave has an awesome '76 (or somewhere around there) convertible Mustang back in Los Alamos.
And this is a Radio Flyer someone re-did (I'm sure there's a better word for it but this is all I can come up with right now.)  :)

Later that night we went to potluck at Great-Grandma Lina and Great-Grandpa Leandro's to celebrate Father's Day.  It's always fun and everyone is loving that Kaiya actually smiles back at them now.  Took her long enough...however, if she's tired she reverts back to her "staring contest" self.  

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