Saturday, July 3, 2010

.3rd of july.

Daddy's regular days off have been Friday and Saturday, which is good because then mommy and daddy can spend a full day together.  This past weekend was 4th of July weekend.  We knew that Aunty Dawn and Uncle Wes were going to take Kaytin and Yasu to Kekaha beach where the Taba's and Burkman's were camping out.  So we planned to venture on down there, especially since Kaiya loves the beach.  Although it's pretty rough over there, we came prepared and brought along a Rubbermaid container that we borrowed from Aunty Ruthie.  Kaytin calls them the 'fairy ponds' because Aunty Ruthie mentioned to her that the fairies come at night and take a bath in them.  Hahahah!!!

We got there a little after lunch.  It was sunny off and on, with a little sprinkle here and there.  But overall, it was a fantastic day to spend the 3rd of July.  Daddy even got to fish a little.  And Kaiya even let Aunty Shannon put her to sleep.  And when she woke up, she had a banana snack, some rice, apple sauce, and who knows what else.  This girl can EAT!  Apparently, next time we're going to camp.  I think it sounds fun...I haven't camped since college...and even then, we slept in the car.  And when we used to go 'camping' in high school, we never set up tents we just slept on the beach.  The Taba's go all I think I can handle it.

And I apologize, this is going to be long because there's lots of photos.  I need to learn how to make collages...

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