Tuesday, August 24, 2010

.guess who's baaaack and happy eleven months.

OK, our apologies for the past month and so many days.  No new pictures or updates.  Soooo...lots of things happened in the past month.  Kaiya turned ELEVEN months!!!  She's going to be the big 0-1 in 3 weeks!!!  Excuse me?  Not only that, but she's determined to walk before her first birthday.  She takes a bunch of steps here and there, but she still ends with a fall.  This girl is one tough cookie...she can fall, get right up and charge at it again.  She has absolutely no fear and thinks it's funny when she falls sometimes.  This could be partly because whenever she falls we laugh at her, so she doesn't get scared....we figured this out early on.  If we made a shocked expression or something whenever she would fall, she would get startled and cry.  So now, if she cries when she falls, we know that it hurt a little (or a lot, I guess).

So besides walking, Kaiya has been getting into all sorts of mischief.  We bought her some Color Wonder coloring books, which she would rather suck on the markers instead of scribble on paper.  She also finally accomplished her goal of stealing a sip of apple juice from Caleb's sippy cup.  She got a new big girl carseat, but still can't face forward until she turns 1.  And Kaytin let her borrow her baby doll to suck on her feet.  haha.  We eventually gave in and bought Kaiya her own babydoll, which she likes to refer to as "Babu".  I'll try and take a picture of them together and post soon.
Kaiya likes to wake up pretty early, and mommy has found a way to catch a little more zzz's.  Every night before bed, I put out a snack cup of Cheerios and her sippy cup with water.  And every morning, without fail, Kaiya wakes up and goes straight to her Cheerios and water.  I'm not sure if this I'm starting a bad habit, or what, but she seems to be a happy baby and she LOVES Cheerios, and she still eats her breakfast, lunch, dinner and multiple snacks in between.  So I've come to the conclusion that it's fine.  :)  This is Kaiya with her sippy cup, it's a Tilty Cup and is supposed to help her transition into a regular cup quicker.  Lately, she's figured out that she can drink without holding onto the cup.  She is SILLY!!

Speaking of silly...these were taken within the span of a couple minutes.  This is how it is everyday.  She makes faces at everyone.  Even to herself when she's looking in the mirror.  She makes faces to people in the store, which in turn they'll tell her Hi.  She has more friends than mommy, I think.  :)

And finally...she turned eleven months.  And in preparation for her big First Birthday Party, we took some photos to include on her invitation.  Here's some of the shots we got of her.

And of course, with her 11 month sticker on...
Things that Kaiya does at 11 months:
  • Walks (she's getting better and better, she walked across half the living room the other day)
  • Talks (no is definitely her favorite word, but she also says..in her own way...mama/mommy, dada, papa, thank you, hi, bye, baby, kaytin, wow, and boo)
  • Gives kisses...lots of them
  • Claps...at everything
  • Dances...whenever she hears music
  • Signs "please"
  • Eats all kinds of food, but her favorites are Gogurt, bananas, rice, string cheese, Cheerios, Veggie Sticks, Blueberries, and waffles...and frozen yogurt
  • Is cutting FOUR more teeth (two on top, two on bottom)
  • Blows bubbles in the pool, and tries to dunk her face
  • Recognizes items/people by name
  • and much much more.....
I will try to do a better job at uploading pictures and videos.  I know I've said this before, but I get distracted.  I have some videos on my phone, so that will most likely be my next post.  However, everytime I try to catch her walking, she decides to crawl.  Go figure.

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