Saturday, April 16, 2011

.marker holder.

Another quick project from MaryAnn Kohl's First Art Book.  A fabulous marker holder!!  It solves the problem of lost marker caps, especially with the little ones.  Although...they can't really take the markers out.  I even had a hard time getting them out at first!  Ooops!!!  But, it's a great way to keep the markers all in one place and keeps the markers from drying out...provided they put them back in their caps (unlike Kaiya who will just ditch out on the markers and leave them laying on the floor since she can't put them back in the cap totally defeating the purpose of the marker holder!).  

This project is super simple and fast to make.  I used one of Kaiya's Hello Kitty lunchboxes as a holder since it had a flat bottom...and it was broken anyway.  I made a batch of plaster of paris, poured it into the tin, and arranged the markers in rows, making sure the cap was in at least half-way.  I left it to dry overnight and by morning...a handy dandy marker holder was born.  I have to admit that a few days later, one of the marker caps came flying out when I tugged on the marker to get it out for Kaiya...but a few drops of gorilla glue and some drying time and that's probably the most secure marker in that bad boy. teach Kaiya how to take the marker out herself, and replace them into the cap.

*Warning...if you have never used plaster of paris before, it gets HOT after a while, so don't be alarmed.  Also, do not pour the leftover plaster of paris down the drain, it'll clog the drain for sure.  I just left it in the container I mixed it in and when crumbled it in the trash when it dried.*

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