Wednesday, April 20, 2011

.baby beach.

 Amazingly...I've lived on Kauai for 1/3 of my life, and just a short two weeks ago was my first time going to Baby Beach.  How did I not discover this gem years ago.  Especially since the water isn't very deep (is that why they call it baby beach...or is it because there isn't much beach...hmmm?)...which is a MUST for this mama who can't swim.  Yes...another amazing fact...I've lived on an island in the middle of the pacific for 1/3 of my life...and I can't swim.  I've had friends try to teach me to swim.  I even had swimming lessons when I was younger.  Yet...I am confident in saying that I will drown if I can't touch the bottom!  So...please do not throw me in the pool in the deep end unless you plan on playing lifeguard and saving me. 

Kaiya also!  She loves any beach actually.  She loves the water.  She loves the sand.  She loves the sun.  She LOVES the sand.  This past weekend I caught her dumping handfuls of sand all over herself and laughing away. 

I love it so much I would become a Baby Beach junkie if I didn't have to work.  But I will try my best to convince Eric to go every chance we get.  Baby Beach is where it's at.  But there's so much more of Kauai that we have yet to explore.  So lucky we live here!  When I was in high school, even college, I would have never thought I would be back living on Kauai.  But now that I'm here, and older, soooo much to appreciate.  Kauai does have it's drawbacks (no shopping! no museums! no zoos!)...but the beauty outweighs it all.  When I think about it...tons of people dream of coming to Kauai for vacation...and we live here!  Amazing.

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