Tuesday, April 5, 2011

{chalkboard paint}

In recent months, I've gone toddler arts, DIY, crafts blog crazy!  I find myself constantly adding blog after blog to my Google Reader list.  So glad that I have been doing this, though, as I would have NEVER even known about half of these creative, DIY crafts and projects that you could do with a lot of basic ingredients that you already have....not to mention the joy of repurposing items that would normally be looked at as "trash".  One of the blogs on my list is tatertots & jello, and today she featured a guest blogger, Charlie of Attempting Aloha...who lives right "next door" on Oahu.  Anyway, I browsed on over to Charlie's site, and I came across a tutorial on DIY Chalkboard Paint!  Seriously?  So you're telling me not only can I make my own chalkboard paint, but I can make it in practically ANY COLOR that I choose?!?  Must.try.soon.  What a fab.u.lous find this tutorial is....especially to this island-bound mama that has only come across the basic black chalkboard paint...no, I haven't even come across the old school green.

Now let's all cross our fingers that Kauai's trusty craft stores: WalMart or Home Depot or Ace will have the necessary ingredients--->acrylic craft paints and dry non-sanded grout.  Yeah, you like how we have all of those "craft stores" to choose from...tell me about it! At least I'm sure they have acrylic craft paint, and luckily I have a few on hand from my art journal...it's the dry non-sanded grout I'm worried about.  Once I track down this item...surely, they must have it, right...all I have to do is figure out what color I want to use start with, and what I want to use it on.  Mason Jar labels...a mini chalkboard for Kaiya...oh the possiblities.  So it's off to the usual stores I go...and according to Charlie, her dry non-sanded grout cost her under $2, so I'm hoping $5 AT MOST with the special hike in price for only Kauai. 
{via Attempting Aloha}
Here is the link if you want to make an attempt on making your own chalkboard paint.  Check it!!
Attempting Aloha's Chalkboard Paint How-To
{via Attempting Aloha...how cute are these chinese take-out boxes decked out with chalkboard paint that she made!}

And finally...speaking of special hike in price for only Kauai...how's this for gas?

Really?!?  Again...the price of paradise.

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