Sunday, January 11, 2009

.moving on.

it's 2009...and we're ready!!  just got back from a 2 week vacation to kauai...where we'll be moving within the next couple of weeks.  it's been a loooong process due to hawaii's strict quarantine laws.  but...with plenty of preparation and planning, foxxy and lennox are both booked on the same flight as us.  january 29, 2009...we begin our lives on a little island in the pacific.  never in a million years would i have predicted a move back to least not before our 30's.  i was anti-kauai...eric has always been pro-kauai.  i didn't want to move there from california when i was 10...and as soon as i graduated high school i knew i was out of there!  i see kauai differently now, after 10 years of "visiting", and a fabulous wedding with our family and friends present, i have learned to appreciate not only kauai and the family (blood or not) that we have there, but where i have been, who i have become, and what is important to us.  as life started falling into place and we started to think about our future, we realized that being closer to family and living on kauai was the best decision.

sooo...there's no turning back now. new year.  new life.  kauai or bust 2009!

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