Thursday, January 14, 2010

.four months old.

little chickee turned 4 months on january 14, 2010.  she also had a visit with dr. carolan and here are her 4 month stats:

weight: 13lbs. 8oz. (50th percentile)

height:  23 inches (10th percentile...poor baby)

head:    15.75 inches (25th percentile)

doc says that the next appointment is at 6 months, where we'll talk about introducing solids.  we think she's going to be ready to go right away, she stares at everyone's food when she watches us eat...thinking, "where's mine mom?"  our baby is growing so fast.  she now holds her head up like a champ, can sit in her bumbo, entertain herself, chews on her hands (blocks, burpcloth, o-ball, mommy's shoulder...anything that she can get her mouth on), sleeps through the night, loving tummy time now, rolls on her sides and from tummy to back.  she's working on rolling from back to tummy...she's almost got it but one leg always gets stuck.  i'm sure there's a lot more milestones that she's hitting, but i just can't think of them right now.  we also asked doc if she was teething...and he said not even close.  hmmm...i guess she's just a drooler.

here's some pics from her 4 month photo shoot.

checking out some toys, avoiding the camera.

smiling at aunty dawn.

come on caleb, let me try your veggie stick.  now!

happy babe.

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