Friday, January 29, 2010

.rolling rolling rolling.

so miss kaiya has decided that she LOVES to be on her belly now. this morning, upon waking up to her gabbing away…mommy and daddy were shocked that she was on her belly, head held high looking at daddy. as if she were saying….ok, daddy. get up and change my diaper so i can eat breakfast. :)
she’s getting to be such a big girl. she is at the point where she no longer hates her carseat. up until about two weeks ago…she would WAIL unless someone was sitting back there with her, talking to her or shaking her o-ball. then one day…out of the blue, she was talking to her doggy, playing with her ball, looking out the window. it was GREAT! we look back at her pictures from when we first brought her home, which was only 4 months ago…and she has grown so much. she’s no longer that little baby…but definitely still the love of our lives, and we can’t get enough of her!

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