Friday, December 25, 2009

.little miss kaiya's 1st christmas.

daddy's mom, grandma barb (yes, kaiya has 2 grandma barbara's) came in on christmas eve to stay for two weeks. we’re all very excited about that. although little miss kaiya cries a bunch when anyone but mommy holds her, grandma barb tries to get in her time holding, playing or talking to her as much as possible.

instead of the traditional milk and cookies left out for santa...santa and his helpers got to munch on bread topped with an assortment of cheeses and honeycomb, followed by some red wine.  yummm!

we had a great first christmas as a family. she had a late christmas eve because of all the activity going on at great-grandma lina’s house, and didn’t end up going to sleep until about 10:30, 3 hours later than normal. but, she slept through until 6:30, ate, changed and joined everyone to start the festivities. cousins kaytin and caleb sang happy birthday to jesus, ate breakfast and it was present time. everyone had to open their stockings first, got lots of little goodies, then it was onto the presents. kaiya received LOTS of clothes and toys. she got two of the same playmat toy, so one was off to grandma barbara and papa harry's house. however, everytime Kaiya goes to play in it…caleb comes crawling in next to her. she’s not a big fan of she starts wailing. :( daddy got lots of chef stuff (cookbooks, chef shoes, knife and sharpening stone) and mommy got a sewing machine and a new purse (yay!!!).
although daddy had to work, he made a delicious french onion soup to for the annual taba luncheon. it was a hit and everyone loved it. mommy had 2.5 bowls. :) little chickee got passed around, but mostly wanted mommy. she was a good girl all day and kept with her usual schedule.
great-grandpa john gave all of us some christmas $$, so mommy used hers to buy one of those flip minoHD cameras. mommy and daddy can’t wait to start using it and posting videos of the little chicken.
btw, she’s being referred to as little chicken because she is alllll smiles whenever we say the word. lately, she’s also been starting to laugh. she laughs when daddy bounces her in the air, and when mommy sniffles. we’ll try to get some laughs on video once she starts with the full on belly laughs.
in the meantime, here’s one picture of her in her christmas outfit, from grandma barbara…that is 3-6 months, but was still too small and didn’t button up all the way. oh well.

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