Tuesday, December 8, 2009

.miss kaiya hearts the o-ball and sttn.

we’ve been trying to get kaiya to play with toys…eventhough she would much rather watch tv.  so on our trip to oahu this past weekend, we picked up a pink o-ball with some $$ papa harry gave her.  we’re not quite sure that she gets it, but when she finds it in her hands she doesn’t let go and shakes it so the little balls rattle.  here’s a few pictures of her figuring it out/playing with it/examining it.

sttn=sleeping through the night.  i better knock on wood. *knock knock knock* for the past few weeks she’s only been waking up once…anywhere from 3-6 a.m.  she usually eats for 15-20 minutes and is right back asleep.  but there are times where i’ll put her back down and she smiles and smiles like it’s play time.  so i’ll feed her a little more and rock her in the chair (from great-grandpa yarnell) until she falls back asleep.
naps on the other hand….totally different story.  she’ll take a nap…but only if someone is carrying her or if she’s in the ergo carrier.  the ergo carrier is a life saver!!!  we’ve tried out about three different types (sleepy wrap, baby hawk mei tai carrier, and ergo carrier) and she only likes this one.  hopefully as she gets older she’ll like the other ones.  if not, maybe the next baby will like them…or we can hand me down to someone who’s baby does.
she’s pretty good at holding up her head, but we need to work on tummy time.  she usually gets frustrated after a couple minutes.  maybe i’ll post about that tomorrow…

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