Thursday, June 9, 2011

::keepin it local:: {one}

It's been a excuses.

Recently I've been on a "keeping it local" "going green" kick. From buying local produce to experimenting with making my own cleaning products...makes me feel like I'm contributing to boosting the local economy and saving mother earth and teaching Kaiya how to be more "sustainable".

I'll try to post recipes for homemade cleaners and what not...key word:try. But for now...I want to highlight Machine Machine. The designer, Shannon, is my classmate and has the.most.awesome designs...from hats to dresses to note cards to baby rompers...she even does custom designs. One thing (so hard to pick just one!) I love love love about Shannon's pieces is that she re-purposes vintage fabrics...such as an old muu muu, or sheets...yes, sheets.

I recently purchased this dress from her etsy shop... themachinestops
...what's not to LOVE right?

If you haven't checked out Machine Machine on etsy or one of many retail shops carrying her line throughout the better run quick for your opportunity to snag her one-of-a-kind designs! 

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