Monday, July 11, 2011

::manic miscellany monday::

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
this is my first time actually linking up to another blog...I'm so unfamiliar with it, is that even what it's called?!?

anyway, I'm not sure how I found lowercase letters or miscellany monday...but I like the idea of random postings to kick off the start of a new week. So here is my first (possibly, but hopefully not the last)...


Today, july 11, 2011, is quite the milestone in my life. A short 20 years ago (I can't believe I can say 20 years ago and actually remember...the reality of getting older) my family moved from southern California to the beautiful island of Kauai. I am the first to admit...this did not make the then-10 year old happy one bit. Who wouldn't want to live in paradise right? Well...20 years later (and having spent 10 years after high school on 'the mainland')...I now have a new appreciation for the once loathed slow-paced Garden Island. I mean, one look at the photo above of Kalalau and anyone in their right mind would love to make this place their home...I blame it on being 10.


Warning: Do not let this cute little girl fool you!! Karma is biting me in the ass...with a vengeance! The terrible twos. Kaiya is lucky she's so cute. She is and has been in her terrible twos I swear before she turned one. She thinks EVERYTHING is hers..."hey, that's mine!". She beats up her cousin. Her favorite word is, of course, NO! She throws a mean tantrum. She does not have an inkling of an inside voice. The list goes on. BUT...she is the cutest and smartest little 22 month going on 15 year old I know! She also loves to give hugs and kisses. She loves playing in the water. She loves her family. She loves her dogs, "FafyLennox"...Foxxy and Lennox. She loves animals and knows a lot of them of you show her a picture. She loves to go riding and shopping. She loves to hear herself talk. She is simply THE BEST!!


potlucks. Ever since I can remember my family has gathered every week for potluck. The picture above is our Mother's Day spread...I think. Maybe it was Father's Day? Either way...this is a typical Saturday or Sunday at Grandma's house. A tradition that will hopefully continue for generations and generations. The little kids...going around hugging and saying hi to everyone, and hugs all around again before leaving. The food...Lauya, Chicken Papaya, Baked Spaghetti, Uncle Sonny's Adobo, Aunty Flo's 'Adobo', Aunty Aileen's Sesame Chicken, and much much more...the staples that we could eat week after week. If only every family did this, the world may be just that much better.


S'mores Candy. I came across this recipe for s'mores cracker candy and decided I had to try it. Super simple. Super quick. Super yummy. Try FYI...super sweet too.

One-piece swimsuits. It never crossed my mind that I would be wearing a one-piece bathing suit. But...after trying on numerous bikinis and not being happy with what was staring back at me in the mirror...I saw one at Macy's that was actually cute. So I thought, what the hell...tried it on and not only liked what I saw...I LOVED it. And may possibly never go back to buying another bikini again. It miraculously sucked everything in and kept it there. Amazing after having a baby! I am now a one-piecer convert.


The Box Lunch. Gotta love it. Is this just a Hawaii thing? It has to be. Look at the variety of foods. Great for school field trips.

So that is my random miscellany monday rant. Hopefully I'll see you again next week with more miscellany manic monday madness... 

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