Friday, February 25, 2011

.salad spinner art.

1st Salad Spinner Artwork
Salad spinners aren't just for spinning those green leaves that tastes like you're crunching on water salads.  If you have an extra one lying around, or can find an inexpensive one at Walmart (I *thought* I was buying a $5 spinner, but it turned out to be $11), you can add a piece of paper...or whatever canvas you want to use...add some drops of paint, spin, and you have a piece of art.  Of course, I did most of the steps, and I had Kaiya pull the cord to spin.  She enjoyed the noise as well as watching the paint splatter onto the sides of the salad spinner.  

I think the paint we were using was a little too thick and it didn't spread out very well, so next time I'll either look for a recipe in First Art, or water down the paints that we have.

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