Monday, February 14, 2011

.toddler art.

We've been trying to get Kaiya to do some art projects...but it turns into mommy doing art and Kaiya watching.  Oh well, it's fun for both of us.  Sometimes Kaytin and Caleb are here when we're doing art and Kaytin LOVES art.  Kaytin claims that she wants to be a nurse/art teacher/picture taker when she grows up.  She's also mentioned being a sushi chef at Genki Sushi.  LOL!

Anyway, back to the art.  Kaiya is getting good at scribbling on paper, rather than just trying to put the marker or crayon in her mouth.  She's not too fond of finger paints...she actually freaks out and says, "owww" when it's on her hands.  Drama queen in full effect!  One thing I have found in recent days is that she likes stickers...and what easy clean-up for mommy.  :)

I've made discovery/sensory bottles for Kaiya and she was more interested in trying to drink them!  Good thing for gorilla glue and duct tape.
Helping mommy put glitter in the bottle.

Here are the two we've made so far:

left: water+cornstarch+confetti+glitter=glitteratti bottle
right: water+green food dye+baby oil=lava lamp-style bottle
We also worked on a Valentine's Sticky Hands, Warm Hearts project we found from Disney's Family Fun Magazine.  Again, Kaiya watched as mommy did it.  Which wasn't a bad thing because they were pretty messy.
Starchy hearts.  You're supposed to let them dry for 24 hours, but since we wanted to speed up the process we put them in the oven at 150 for an hour or so.
And the last thing I made was a present for Kaiya for Valentine's Day.  Paint in a bag.  Colorful "paint". No mess.  I made purple, cause I thought it would be fun.  And yellow, cause that is the only color Kaiya seems to know.  They only last a week, so if it's not a hit...we won't make it again until she starts warming up to paint.
So that's what we've done so far.  Hopefully there will be a lot more projects.  And I'm confident that we'll find a bunch of things that Kaiya will love doing.  I'll keep you all posted.

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