Monday, February 14, 2011

that jolly guy brought too many toys

So this is the THIRD time I'm attempting to post this because I would write, save, then it would disappear. guys are getting the super shortened version of the previous writings.

Family. Fun. Food.

One of the main highlights of Christmas was that Eric's mom and grandpa flew in on Christmas Eve so that they could spend Christmas and New Year's with us.  We are soooo glad that they came out and we enjoyed having them here, we just wish it could've been for a little longer.

Christmas Eve we went to Kelli's grandparents house, ate lots of good food, did the annual grab bag/steal/gift exchange, and headed home to rest up for Santa Claus' arrival.

Christmas started EARLY for us.  We went over to Kalaheo to open gifts and have lunch at their annual Soup & Sandwich gathering.  There were a ton of toys between the three kids, lots of wrapping paper, and lots of smiles.  Kaiya got all kinds of toys...two riding toys, learning toys, two play cameras, bubbles (her favorite..."BUBBOSSSS!!!!"), Alphie (mommy's favorite toy when she was younger), and a bunch of other things that I can't remember all of it.  Lunch was fabulous, as always, with lots of food, friends and family.  A great way to spend Christmas.

I apologize for the very shortened post about Christmas, but I wasn't about to write out a whole long thing, only to have it deleted for a third time.  Hope everyone else had a great Christmas.  We wish we could have ALL of our family and friends together in one place, that would be a Christmas miracle.  :)

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