Monday, March 22, 2010

.kaiya goes for a walk.

Mommy and daddy decided to take Kaiya on a walk along the Koloa bypass.  It has a great view of the south side of Kauai.  And it's the way daddy goes to work everyday.  It was a great walk for mommy and daddy, a little over 2 miles.  Kaiya tested out the BOB's ability to do a little off-roading on loose gravel and grass.  Best stroller EVER!  It's our new go-to stroller, we take it everywhere...and it will be coming with us on our trip next week to New Mexico.  Maybe we can test it out in some snow, depending on the weather.

Here's some pictures of the view during our walk.  Both of the south shore...and the view mommy had of Kaiya.  By the way, the walk was so tiring for Kaiya, she fell asleep about half-way through.  Tough life.

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