Friday, March 19, 2010

.a letter for kaiya.

We sent one of Kaiya's birth announcements to the White House and look what Kaiya got in the mail!!
A lovely little note for President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama to welcome Kaiya Papaya (Kaytin's nickname for her) to the world!
On a different note, the bumbo seat wasn't cutting it when it came time for Kaiya to eat.  She would fling herself back to stare at whoever was behind her.  So mommy and daddy went to Baby Blutique to buy her a new highchair.  It's a Combi Hero it's a highchair, but you can remove the seat to put it on a regular chair (like a booster), and then you can also put it on the floor so she can lounge and watch TV or whatever.  It also has different height adjustments, and the seat can case she falls asleep while eating when she gets older.  She loves it, so far...and we love it because she can't fling herself backwards!  

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