Wednesday, March 17, 2010

.kaiya's 1st st. patrick's day.

Kaiya's 1st St. Patrick's Day.  We had to go pick up her prescription for vitamins (see other post), made a trip to Costco...where we saw Grandma Barbara walking in, and on the way out we stopped to get some Costco hot dogs and bumped into Uncle Rudy.  So we sat down and had lunch with him and talked about Kaiya and his new granddaughter Sienna.  Kaiya showed Uncle Rudy her BOB stroller because he talked about getting a jogging stroller for Sienna when she gets a little older.  She also gave him a bunch of smiles and "talked" to him as well.  And stared at us while we ate our hot dogs.  She's great at the staring contest game...she usually wins.  

Her new move has been to grab her feet.

Trying to reach for the camera.

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