Tuesday, March 16, 2010

.tip top and you don't stop.

Since mommy and daddy forgot to pick up Kaiya's vitamins after the doctor's appointment, they went into Lihue the next day thinking it would be ready since Dr. Carolan called in the prescription the morning before.  Uggghhhh...WalMart pharmacy sucks.  The pharm tech tells me that they don't have the vitamins, but they can call another pharmacy of our choice to see if they can fill Kaiya's prescription.  So I told them to try Papalina Pharmacy, which is right down the road from the house.  Well, they call them and they have it...but the other pharm tech asks why because they (WalMart) have it in stock.  So after waiting about 15 minutes for them to call it into another pharmacy...the Pharmacist says, "Mrs. Barsness, we actually have it in stock, but it's going to be about 30 minutes."  Ummm...don't you just have to pull it off the shelf?  Not like you have to fill the bottle up with the medicine.  But, surprisingly, I didn't say that...I smiled and said, OK I'll come back in a bit.  Meanwhile, daddy and Kaiya are driving around the parking lot because we all thought it would be an in-and-out situation.  So mommy walks out empty handed...and needing to figure out what to do for half an hour.  We decided to take Kaiya on her first trip to Tip Top Cafe!  Not like she could eat anything, but mommy and daddy haven't had breakfast there since before Kaiya was born.  Daddy had the Loco Moco and mommy had eggs, hash and fried rice.  And was it ever so yummy.  Kaiya was a good little babe and sat in her carseat the whole time...drooling and dreaming about the day she can take bites off of our plates.  After breakfast, mommy ran into WalMart and picked up the prescription without hassle.

That was the morning we decided to pick up Kaiya's first vitamins.

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